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The ethical grocer.

We think the way mass-produced food is made and distributed is all wrong.

We deliver delicious food, direct from local producers.

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5x fresher than supermarkets.

We deliver from farmer to your door in just 19 hours.
Supermarkets have complicated distribution networks which take days.

19 hours


106 hours

Two super easy
delivery options.

1 hour time slots for a flat rate of £3.

Pick a morning or afternoon andwe'll deliver for free.

(£30 minimum spend, We'll even send you a text the day beforewith a 90 minute window to help you plan.)

Greater margin for farmers.

We think it's right that farmers get rewarded fairly for their hard work.
With Farmdrop they receive 3/4 of the retail price.


Goodbye faceless production...

We dislike the idea of mass-produced food.
Our food comes from local producers who put a lot of love into bringing you the best.

...Hello click-to-harvest.

To avoid waste, our farmers only harvest food when someone's ordered it.
We call it "click-to-harvest", you can call it common sense.


You place an order.


The farmer harvests your food.

Aww, you guys...

"High Quality and Fresh"

The produce and food generally is great, fresh and delicious. Website is so easy to use, delivery is seamless and the drivers are so friendly. Highly recommended

Sarette K, W6

"Great product and service"

I'm so pleased I found Farmdrop and now have convenient access to incredible local produce from farmers who care.

Eleanor W, SW11

"LOVE Farmdrop"

Amazing quality food and great service. They're redefining the way we shop!

Flora G, SW11