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A new, ethical online supermarket.

Get natural, fresh foods and household goods from producers who care for the planet. Delivery by electric van. Peace of mind.
We offer the fairest payment terms for expert farmers and food producers so they can use the most sustainable methods, while you get delicious, planet-friendly ingredients.
Food tastes better when it is made with skill and passion by people who love their craft. Truly, it has to be tasted to be believed.
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Your weekly grocery shop is sorted.

Craving local, fresh, hand-made produce? Need everyday staples and larder fillers? Keen to try innovative, kind and sustainable household goods? We've got your back. Farmdrop only stocks goods with the planet and your wellbeing in mind.

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Fresh from farm to kitchen? No sweat.

Pick your favourite 1-hour slot, as early as tomorrow first thing. Then get that amazing, local food delivered around 24 hours from leaving the farm. Free delivery on orders over £60.

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Indulge in genuine food bliss.

You will not find fresher, healthier, more delicious food from any other online supermarket.

We’re loved by our community.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’re the highest rated online supermarket in the UK. Here’s a few things people are saying about us:

9.2out of 10
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From our customers:

We're a busy working family with two young kids and thanks to Farmdrop we get delicious fresh and ethical food without having to spend half a day out and about shopping each week.

From our producers:

What we love most about Farmdrop is that it is run by passionate and like-minded people who want to see everyone have the chance to buy directly from farms like ours.

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