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10 clever ways to reuse your glass milk bottle

17th May 2018

We made a commitment to eradicate single-use plastic wherever possible and this week we made another important breakthrough. You can now buy Ivy House Dairy milk in glass bottles from Farmdrop. At last I hear you say!


Right now Ivy House are still working on being able to take your glass bottles back. They’re a small, independent farm and it’s more work to organise than it seems. Watch this space… but in the meantime, here’s a bunch of ideas to get you using your bottles over and over again.

1. Vase

The easiest trick in the book. Give your bottle a good rinse and fill with water – if you want your flowers to last, dilute a mug of green tea with two litres of water and watch your flowers blossom for longer. Arrange your stems however you’d like and there you have it. The cheapest vase you’ll ever treat yourself to.

2. Refill

Become part of London’s Refill movement and fill up your milk bottles at one of the five different locations across the city: The South Bank, Lewisham, London Bridge, Regents Street and Greenwich Town Centre. It might seem obvious, but did you know that the average Londoner used 175 single-use plastic bottles a year? Download the app and use #OneLess plastic bottle!

3. Candles

One for you DIYers out there. Upcycle your milk bottle by very carefully (and preferably with professional help) cutting the bottom off you milk bottle. Place it on top of a tea light or candle to create a gorgeously simple (and cheap) candle feature with a difference.

4. Lights

If you’re not up to cutting glass and burning candles, we get you. But let there be light. Just grab yourself a string of solar-powered fairy-lights and pop them inside your jar. Set your bottle outside and come nightfall your garden will be glowing.

5. Nut Mylk

Love your mylks as much as you adore milk? Well it’s easier to make than you think. Oat, sesame, rice, or nut – the mylk world truly is your walnut ready to crack open. We’ve got a whole guide on how to make the most delicious mylks here.

6. Salad Dressing Shaker

The perfect vessel for your favourite salad dressing. When filling your bottle, make sure you leave enough room at the top – we’d recommend about an inch – so that you can give your dressing a good shake before you slather it onto your salads. Our blue cheese dressing is a personal favourite that goes just as well with chicken wings and chips and it does with some little gem lettuce.

7. Kids DIY

Need something to do with the kids over the weekend, summer holidays, or just to tire them out after school? Our milk bottles are perfect for painting on. Lay down some protective sheets, get out the glass paints, and let them go wild decorating their very own vase, water bottle, penny jar – the limits really are pretty endless.

8. Smoothies or Juices

Want to make your smoothie the night before but never have anything to store it in? In comes that trusty milk bottle once again. Need some smoothie inspo? We love sipping on this little combo to get us bouncing around first thing in the morning: blend together 1 frozen banana, 1 cup of mint, 2 cups of spinach, 3 dates, 1 cup almond milk, and 1 tbsp cocoa powder for a chocolately hit that packs a punch.

9. Water Kefir

It’s cloudy, it’s fermented, and it’s actually quite delicious. If you don’t know about water kefir, it’s time you grabbed your empty milk bottle and filled it with this fizzy, gut-loving liquid. Packed to the brim with probiotics and beneficial bacteria that – trust us – tastes better than it sounds. You can find out how to make it right here.

10. Recycle

And if none of those tickle your fancy, then recycle, recycle, recycle. In the UK alone we use over 2 million tonnes of glass packaging and it’s 100% recyclable. Most locations have a doorstep collection for glass bottles and failing that it’s guaranteed that there’s a bottle bank near by.  

You can buy your glass in a milk bottle from Farmdrop here. Or for more DIY inspiration find out how to make preserved lemons, make your own kefir water and even homemade butter in under 30 minutes.

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