10 ways to survive Christmas

15th December 2015

Tis the season let your hair down, let the bells rings out, eat, drink and be merry! We all enjoy the fun December brings, but the excesses of yuletide drinks, nibbles and distant family members can sometimes get a bit, well, much. Here are our team’s top tips on how to enjoy festivities whilst staying fighting-fit and keeping a clear head. Merry Christmas!


1. Do (and eat) everything, in moderation

We know what you’re thinking – what the clotted cream Christmas fudge? How can you speak of moderation when I’m knee-deep in truffles? It’s a tough one, but when you do eat, eat slowly and you’ll feel fuller more quickly than if you scoffed that stilton. Pace your drinking too (more on that below) and you’ll definitely feel better for it in the long run. So accept party invites with abandon and with a little moderation you won’t feel sluggish and stuffed like santa.

2. Water is your new best friend

It’s not exactly rock and roll, but we can assure you that swigging a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks (yes, every drink) with help take the edge off that hangover. Two thirds of our body is made up of the stuff and even when you’re not throwing back the bubbly, it’s easy to overlook. By keeping on top of drinking a couple of litres of water a day – throw in some slices of citrus and sprigs of fresh mint for a pep – you’ll help keep your body in check. Which leads us to…

3. Say hello to hot lemon and ginger

A trick is so simple that you can easily incorporate it into your new year, new you repertoire. Pop a couple of slices of fresh lemon and a few chunks of fresh ginger into a mug and top with hot water. Ginger has a calming effect and is an anti-inflammatory, so this cleansing drink is great after dinner as it helps your digestive system cope with all those mince pies. It’s also brilliant for getting your system going the morning and if you’re hungover (and you will most likely be, right) – add some honey and drink slowly.

4. Get active, the festive way

A little exercise can go a long way to help you feel tip-top once the brass band in your skull quietens down. A short, brisk walk, or long, leisurely stroll in the cool winter air will get your heart and lungs going. It’s also handy for clearing your head and shaking off any cabin fever (as well as those bites of extra roasties). If feeling a little more pumped, indulge in some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This kind of exercise is designed to bring your metabolism to its highest calorie burning level in the minimum time involved. The amazing thing about it is that you’ll still be burning calories hours after you have stopped training – leaving you more time enjoy the toilet mini golf Aunt Barbara got you. Bringing us to…

5. Perfect your ‘bad gift’ face

No one enjoys feigning a smile cheesier than the pongy cheese your Dad swears by every year (we say Dad, we mean us). In an ideal world, we suggest you don’t open your gifts in front of everyone to avoid showing disappointment when you open that ugly looking flashy hat. But if you’re forced to open them in front of three-generations of family or your entire team (for which this tip is crucial), just show no feelings whatsoever when that gift comes out of its deceptive wrapping. Think Clint Eastwood.

6. Shutdown social media

This one might be the trickiest of them all. You might be holed up somewhere so rural that you end up leaning precariously out of an attic window at 10pm with your phone sellotaped to your face. As crazy-for-tech folk, we know it can be hard to literally switch off. Use the festive break as a chance to reconnect IRL with friends and family. If you’re desperate, you can always post that casually fabulous Christmas jumper snap on your way home as soon as you’ve hit the M5.

7. Make food your ice-breaker

Wave goodbye to grey weather and bad present small talk! Unless you’ve ended up chatting to someone who’d rather it possible to take a pill than actually eat a meal, (they are out there…) then you can get things going with talk of great (and bad) meals had on holiday, or guesses at what’s in Grandma’s Christmas pudding. (Booze. Lots of booze).

8. Don’t forget to sleep

It’s hard enough to function with under 8 hours of sleep on a normal night, yet alone when you’ve got a full belly and a swirling head. Getting enough sleep is an essential part of being healthy in everyday life as our bodies use this time to magically repair whilst we doze. One or two late nights aren’t the end of the world, but just don’t let the overnight Christmas gift box-set marathons become too much of a habit. Homeland will be there in the morning.

9. Make the ultimate turkey sandwich

Too lazy to cook on Boxing day? Not interested in the re-runs of Only Fools and Horses? Entertain yourself in the kitchen and make the troops happy by becoming the king or queen of leftovers. Check out our awesome Turkey leftover sandwich recipe for a simple but delicious snack that can be enjoyed in front of the telly watching silly ‘best of the year’ funny animal videos on You Tube. Now that’s more like it.

10. Go nuts for nuts

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that people who regularly eat nuts appear to live longer. Get a head start on your resolutions and snack on a handful of plain nuts if feeling peckish. Head for these first at the drinks party – they’re great source of plant-based protein, they help you feel full and build and repair muscles (making them an excellent post-workout snack too).

Whatever you’re up to this Christmas, make sure you keep it healthy, happy and enjoy yourself!

The Farmdrop Team


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