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Getting local food working

It’s probably quite a while since you first came across Farmdrop and we’d be the first to admit that things have changed a fair bit over time!

When our wonderful Keepers helped us kick things off, we found plenty of people who wanted to pioneer a new way to buy food. One that allowed us all to get easier access to great local food and support the farmers and producers growing and making it.

We discovered that, on a practical level, our original model didn’t fit in to enough peoples’ lives. We might all occasionally beat ourselves up about convenience being important to us, but faced with a screaming toddler or a 14 hour stint at the office, we all need a bit of convenience to support the things we believe in.

So our journey to get to where we are today has been a bit longer than we expected, but the mission remains the same. We believe even more passionately in the importance of helping smaller scale, local producers have a more equitable footing. And having got a better feel for the workload our farmers, fishermen, bakers and others put in, we are pretty humbled by the long and often unsocial hours they work. But it is these amazing producers who are truly aligned with our collective better interests.

The move to have bigger hubs (rather than meeting up at your local pub) has done a few crucial things. You get a much broader range of food and the chance to have it delivered to your door. And you keep all the good stuff you had before: very fresh food, direct from the farmer or producer, supporting a more sustainable agricultural and societal model. Community-based collection points remain key in certain areas.

If you want to get a feel for all the details on how Farmdrop works now, then please do have a read here.

Our first hub is up and running and has been supplying thousands of customers, but only in a small group of postcodes.

By moving into your area and across most of London, we are ready to start bringing more producers into the fold. Soon we will have more than one hub in London, and as the number of shoppers builds at each hub, we will be supporting increasingly local producers.

Being able to get more people buying direct from more producers, opens up a more viable future for smaller, local farmers and foodmakers. It genuinely changes the game. We’d be honoured if you were able to put in an order - for many of you it will be your first opportunity to do so - and if you or your friends are keen to give us a go then please accept £10 off your first order when you spend £30 (don’t forget to put in the code MARCHMAIL4 at checkout).

Many thanks for staying with us on the journey and we hope one of our electric vans will be making the journey to your door very soon.

Ben, Ben & Kent