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Welcome to our Farmdrop Fête 2015


Well, well, well. We know you guys like to a little good food, good music and good times, but when the night of the 4th of June rolled around, boy were we in for surprise. 

A celebration of local and seasonal food and farmers and foodmakers on a sunny evening at our first ever Farmdrop Fête went way beyond anything we could’ve imagined. Down in our Bermondsey hub, the London-brewed beer was flowing, platter after platter of top-chef prepared seasonal treats were shared and there was a glorious, heady tang of cheese, charcuterie and charcoal in the air.

If you missed it, you can catch all the shenanigans on Storify.

You simply must witness the unforgettable human fruit machine

Thank you to all the farmers and foodmakers who helped us hold what was an incredible night for our first ever Farmdrop Fête, and a big thank you to those who could make it.


Our thanks goes to:

All our fantastic local producers * Helen Browning (Head of the Soil Association), Shane Holland (Slow Food London), Adrian Izzard (Wild Country Organics) and Ed Gillespe for some great words * Anspach & Hobday and Partizan for beer * Jensen’s Gin for cocktails * The Bonfire Band for Music *Chefs Ben Spalding (Aqua Shard), Matt Burgess (Ceviche, Ealing Park Tavern) and Rosie Llewelyn (Grub Club’s top rated chef) .

And of course, you - for helping us to make food better.

Ben, Ben and The Farmdrop Team

Awesome BBQ photograph kindly supplied by Farmdrop fan Loren Reed