13 food facts that will give you nightmares

25th October 2016

These morsels will leave a bad taste in your mouth. To get you properly freaked out in the lead-up to Halloween, we’re exposing the real-life nightmares behind the food we eat with 13 hard-hitting facts that’ll send chills down your spine.

Thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel (or a candle in the Jack-O’-Lantern) and that’s Farmdrop. We hate mass-produced food – it isn’t good for the producer, the consumer, the environment or the food itself. We believe in being empowered by knowledge of where your food comes from, how it is made, and how it gets to your plate.

Hopefully you’ll know that we’re all about being positive too (glass half full? yes please), but this is why we fight. This is why we’re on a mission to fix the food chain, and why it desperately needs fixing in the first place.


Find out more about the welfare of our farmers’ chickens, the dramatic variation in the welfare of egg laying hens depending on the label, how we’re fighting food waste in the field as well as in the kitchen, and how we’re fighting London’s air pollution problem.

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