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No more horse jokes we promise….

But the horsemeat scandal is just one more reason why we need to get out of the supermarket and find an alternative way of accessing good quality, trustworthy and value for money food.

And there is an alternative. We like to think of it as the new local food movement, and it’s really quite simple: Buying food together, direct from producers. 

FarmDrop is a new type of online shop that helps you, your friends and neighbours to do this. It’s a win-win situation. By buying as a group you can get a much better deal, and buying direct means hefty supermarket mark-ups are completely cut out, helping producers and farmers get a much fairer slice of the pie. Setting up a FarmDrop can also strengthen local communities by bringing people together, which of course can lead to lots of other exciting things.

Buying fresh, delicious and sensibly priced food from sustainable sources needn’t be a complete ‘mare*, so if want to join the local food movement and bring affordable good food to your area please get in touch!

*sorry… just this one we promise ;-)