5 Farmdrop foods you can’t get in the supermarket

17th July 2015

Some of the nation’s best produce isn’t making its way to your plate due to the nature of coming from a small producer. That is until now. From courgette flowers to 13 varieties of tomatoes, see how we’re making food local again.


Isn’t it wonderful how local, seasonal produce is grown or made for its flavour, rather than an ability to travel? We support small producers who live by this belief day in day out, and it’s this way of thinking that’s at the very heart of what they do.

While we make it easy for you to buy farm-fresh produce, it’s your local farmers and foodmakers who do the hard work of tending to their land (or the ingredients in their kitchens) to make sure you get the very best tasting, seasonal delights.

When we say ‘farm-fresh’ we mean it literally. Your food is delivered to us by producers in the morning and is sent out to you on the same day. Supermarkets are driven by selling food designed to survive lengthy supply chains, which sounds pretty much like the opposite of fresh to us.

Because our produce’s journey from field to fork is so short, we’re able to offer a wider variety of local fruit and vegetables, many of which have very short seasons. Supermarkets prefer varieties that grow for longer, simply to make it worth their while bringing it on board – and they also need it to withstand the excessive transporting from pillar to post.

For us it’s all about really great tasting produce, and that means fantastic quality, absolute freshness and celebrating the variety of the seasons – all whilst supporting small producers.

As Ben, one of our co-founders says:

“The irony is that supermarkets spend a fortune on advertising freshness, when the reality is the fruit and vegetables that they are selling are chosen and even designed to survive long and challenging journeys. They’ve lost touch with the most important journey, which should be a short distance from the field to fork. And we are paying for those long journeys and advertising campaigns and not the quality of the food.”

With more super seasonal items being added all the time, here are some foods that celebrate the best of now – and you won’t find them in the supermarket.

1. Courgette Flowers
These make for a beautiful, simple yet stunning starter when stuffed with ricotta and deep fried. Or simply pop on a pizza. Take a look at more of our recipes.

2. Salad leaves
We’ve got 15 different types of individual salad leaves to add some new texture to summer salads. Try the fleshy summer purslane raw and also in stir fries.

3. Tomatoes
There are currently 13 varieties to choose from on the shop. From apple green ones to mini plum yellow ones, you can eat the whole traffic light of tomato shades.

4. Nasturtium Flowers
These acid orange edible flowers literally brighten up a summer dish. Sweet, and spicy with flavour similar to watercress, use as a garnish or in salads.

5. Heritage apple varieties (coming soon…!)
Chegworth Valley grow varieties intended to be picked and eaten the next day as they don’t store well. These include the Chegworth Beauty, Crimson Crisp and Boskoop Rouge and they will be hitting the shop in the next 4 – 6 weeks.

Up until very recently you were also able to buy wild garlic and elderflowers from us – both of their seasons are here and gone before you know it – so we invite you to embrace the best of the season’s produce when it’s here.

Whipped up a delicious dish using these ingredients? Share a photo of your creations with us on Twitter and Instagram @farmdrop – we’d love to see them!

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