5 Day-Long Cooking Courses To Reconnect You To Your Food

10th April 2019

Want to learn how to cure your own bacon, forage for wild greens, pickle like a pro or get to grips with the art of goat ownership? Spring and summer is choc-full with day-long courses and workshops that’ll get you closer to the food on your plate. Here’s our pick of the best. 


Wild about beef, with Farm for Feast

“Bringing the farm back into the feast”, Farm For Feast is all about educating people about where their food comes from. This time, they’re looking at beef. Farmer and conservationist Chantal Brown is joined by a butcher, an expert chef, and a Longhorn native breed herd to help you discover the crucial role cattle can have in restoring the UK’s neglected natural ecosystems. You’ll learn from experts the real story behind sustainable beef, as well as how to butcher, cook and plate up six different beef dishes, and feast on a nose-to-tail banquet. This one’s not to be missed!

27 April 2019


Foraging wild edibles, with Forager

Foraging for nature’s edible gifts is an appealing concept. One of the few things holding back budding foragers however is the fear of mistakenly picking something that’s that’ll leave you with a dodgy tummy. Miles Irving, one of the UK’s foremost foragers, doesn’t have that problem. In the middle of summer when plants are in bloom, Miles is leading a tour around his local stomping ground in Kent. He’ll show you how to identify what’s safe (and good) to eat, and what’s not. The day culminates with a seasonal-inspired lunch featuring wild plants foraged that day. He also leads workshops on foraging and cooking with seaweed and wild spices. 

29 June 2019, and more dates throughout the year


How to keep goats, with Just Kidding

kid goat

What acreage do goats need? How do you keep them sheltered? And how do you ear tag a goat? Just a few things Just Kidding’s pioneering goat farmer Lizzie Dyer will teach you in her introduction to goat-keeping on her farm in Wiltshire. All are welcome, whether you’re looking to set up a goat herd yourself, or just want to learn what it takes to look after these inquisitive and playful animals.

1 June 2019


Fermenting and pickling, with The Little Duck Picklery


Introducing newbies to the world of making kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha at home, Dalston’s Little Duck Picklery run a host of regular preserving workshops. A hands-on session, you’ll learn everything you need to know about these ancient methods of preservation, with lots of tasting and trying in between. Their day courses end, as most good things do, with dinner and wine.

Dates throughout the year


DIY Charcuterie, with The Real Cure

By the time you’ve finished a day with The Real Cure, you’ll be confident in making your own bacon, smoking your own fish, air-drying coppa ham and curing salami. With the guidance of Real Cure chief James Smart, you’ll make chorizo on the day, which you get through the post once it’s dried six weeks later, too. 

6 July 2019, and more dates throughout the year 

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