5 Incredibly Tasty Ways To Cook With Dairy-Free Milks

12th February 2019

Dairy-free milks aren’t just for pouring on your cereal or as an alternative in your tea. From oat to cashew, tiger nut to almond, alternative milk drinks are a tasty ingredient in their own right and can add wonderful flavour and creaminess to your cooking. From mash to mac ‘n’ cheese, these ideas will make you rethink that open carton of almond milk lurking in the fridge. 


1. Pimp your soup

vegan ramen recipe

This comforting but flavourful noodle ramen recipe by Anna Jones champions Rude Health’s almond milk, spiked with miso and turmeric and bulked out with noodles and tofu. A quick, easy and oh so delicious midweek meal.


2. Porridge with a difference


Okay, oat or almond milk in your porridge might be a bit obvious, but have you thought about tiger nut milk? Creamy with a hint of sweetness, it adds a hit of something different to your favourite breakfast staple. Swap tiger nut milk or your favourite dairy-free drink into this epic spiced porridge recipe.


3. For a super smooth dairy-free mash


This is a gorgeous, nutty, creamy, earthy and decadently delicious dairy-free mash using hazelnut milk and seasonal celeriac. Perfect as a side to your Sunday roast or even spread on fish or cottage pie as an alternative to traditional potatoes.


4. The mac ‘n’ cheese of dreams

vegan mac n cheese

This easy mac ‘n’ cheese recipe by Anna Jones is a twist on a comfort classic, using Rude Health’s amazing hazelnut milk. Plus, it’s a great recipe to load your dinner with greens. The kids will love it.


5. (Vegan) curry in a hurry

Asian recipe: Sweet Potato, Coconut and Tomato Dahl

Adding coconut milk to curry is a wonderful way to add flavour, body and richness to veggie or vegan dishes. Try these recipes for Sweet potato dahl or Cauliflower steaks with spiced coconut sauce. 

Struggle to know which milk alternative works best in your morning coffee? Here’s a guide. 

Here’s how to make your own dairy free milks at home or browse the range at

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