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5 of the best walks in London to enjoy this summer

12th August 2020

A good walk is the perfect respite from working from home, uncovering new sights on paths less trodden, and a great way of achieving space and peacefulness whilst getting some exercise. Here are our five favourite walking routes across London.

Regents Canal

First opened in 1820, the Regents Canal is the perfect place to start your exploration of London on foot. The canal stretches across London and brushes past many landmarks and points of interest.There are two options: one short and one long. The short option is to do a 2 mile walk between Little Venice and Camden, bordering Regent’s Park and The London Zoo. On this walk you can experience the beautiful surroundings of Little Venice with grand houses and barge boats boasting their own private garden spaces, contrasted with the livelier and more urban Camden Town. The second option is to extend this walk even further and pass through Kings Cross, Hackney and even all the way down to Limehouse Basin if your feet will take you that far The full route would be around a 9 mile walk taking you from West to East London, and ending with a rewarding view of the Thames. 

Regents Canal is the perfect place to just sit and watch the world go by.

Parkland Walk

This walk covers a long nature reserve, spanning 4.5 miles in between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace. Over this walk you should be able to spot many different birds, butterflies, wildflowers and wildlife (a real treat in a big city). The Parkland Walk follows the tracks of an old railway line and is surrounded by greenery, making it very easy to forget that you are in London. Start at Alexandra Palace and you will be able to finish with a drink or two at The Faltering Fullback, a characterful pub with a great beer garden. Or begin at Finsbury Park and end up at The Flask in Highgate, another wonderful pub with a snug feel.

The Thames Path Walks 

The Thames Path covers a vast scale of London, offering so many different options and sights. The north bank walk from Hampton Court Palace to Albert Bridge is an astonishing 23 miles, passing Richmond, Twickenham, Kew Gardens and Chelsea. The beauty of this walk is that it can be split up into multiple sections and still cover a variety of quiet greenery and the buzzier areas of London. Walking continuously along the Thames gives this walk a quintessentially London feel, and it is quite surprising to see how much the surroundings change over this one stretch of London. This walk spans many of London’s best museums and galleries and so it is also a good base for a full day of culture too. 

Take a break and stop by Kew Gardens

Woolwich Foot Tunnel to Falconwood

For those wanting to amble through South London, this 7 mile section of the Capital Ring is an exciting walk due to the contrasting scenery between Woolwich and Falconwood. The walk starts near the Thames and then becomes an exploration of some of South London’s finest green spaces such as Charlton Park, Castle Wood and Shooter’s Hill. There are many historic landmarks on this walk such as the outstanding Charlton House or Severndroog Castle. Another highlight is Shooter’s Hill which offers views of the London skyline as it is the highest point within Greenwich. This is the perfect place to stop and take in the scenery with your packed snacks, and if possible, plan to reach here for sunset – you will not regret it!

Westminster Bridge to London Bridge

What does a good walk need? Food of course! This walk is just under 2 miles and will take you through some of the more recent landmarks of London. The walk can be shortened if you would rather start at Waterloo, but make sure you end near London Bridge at the iconic Borough Market for some well deserved treats! If starting at Westminster Bridge, your walk will encounter the sights of Big Ben, the London Eye, the Southbank, Oxo Tower and Shakespeare’s Globe, culminating near the Shard. 

Borough Market is one of London’s oldest markets, dating back to the 12th century.

So there you have it – Farmdrop’s top five walks in London! Each one offers something different and with summer in front of us, we recommend you try all of them. 

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