5 reasons to buy milk from the herd with Farmdrop

13th August 2015

You’ve seen the news – things are looking pretty dire for dairy right now. At a time where milk costs less than water and British dairy farmers are being paid less than the cost of production for their pints, you’ve got to question the system. However, not all milk is created equal. Here are a few reasons why buying the freshest, best-tasting milk you can get your hands on, direct from the milking parlour at Farmdrop, also supports British dairy.


Farmer Bradley with a much-loved Guernsey cow at Hinxden Dairy Farm, Kent

This week, thousands of dairy farmers across the country commanded protest against the situation. Their beef? That the prices they’re being paid for milk is unsustainable. It’s been hard to miss the scenes of cows being herded down the milk aisles of a supermarket, large quantities of milk being removed from shelves in ‘milk trolley challenges’ and distribution centres backloaded and boycotted.

Farmers receive more for their pints with Farmdrop.

Farmers selling via Farmdrop receive 80% of the retail price for their pints compared with 50% via supermarkets. We’re in the business of making access of great tasting food easy and providing a better deal for everyone involved – and our dairy farmers are no different to other members of our family of 70+ producers.

Our farmers sell their milk at a price that works for everyone.

We work with small dairy farms run by passionate people – like the charming Geoff at Ivy House Farm (who’s been in the news this week), and the close-knit trio of siblings Sally, Graham and Richard with farmer Bradley (in the heart-melting photo above), who look after incredible Guernsey’s at Hinxden Farm Dairy in Kent. Their life’s work is to provide you with the best milk that’s full of flavour and tastes like it used to. They can set the price of their pints because they sell direct to customers and it reflects the amazing quality of their single-herd milk. As Geoff told the BBC, “I’ve never met anybody who’s said they wouldn’t pay an extra penny or two for their milk”.


Geoff with one of his 160 prized Jersey cows at Ivy House Farm in Somerset

Our farmers produce and process all their own milk.

Mass-produced milk often consists of a blend of milk sourced from hundreds of dairies. Our dairies have shunned high­ intensity methods in favour of a sustainable system. They pride themselves on the pedigree cows and organic standards that make up their milks and absolutely comes from their cows only. Which leads us nicely onto how…

Buying direct enables farmers to survive.

By producing and processing all of their milk products themselves, not only do our dairy farmers produce milk that’s truly the cream of the crop, but by selling direct to the people up the road via Farmdrop, they’re not held to ransom by swings in global milk prices. Keepin’ it simple and the countryside gorgeous and green.

And…you won’t find any homogenised milk at Farmdrop.

All the milk we sell is unhomogenised, meaning it’s in its natural state. Homogenisation is a treatment that prevents a cream layer from separating out of the milk by breaking up the fat globules naturally present. Instead of pumping milk through narrow tubes at high pressures, you just need to give it a gentle shake before pouring. All of our milks are rich with the flavour nature intended – 9/10 people preferred the taste of milk from our dairies in a recent blind taste test.

Thanks to your shopping with us, Farmdrop now has six times as many dairy farmers as it did at the end of 2014. We’ve also seen a huge increase in the number of dairy farmers getting in touch about selling direct with us, (as featured in the Telegraph this week). By having superb milk delivered to your door, you are helping to support small British dairy farmers – we’re just here to help make it easy, and incredibly tasty along the way.

Take a look at our full range of milks and dairy products in the shop.

We’re so confident that you’ll love the taste that we’d like you to try it out – all on us. It’s a little thank you for shopping with Farmdrop as well as a big help to Sally at Hinxden Dairy and Geoff at Ivy House whom we adore. Just use the code HINXWHOLE or HINXSEMI or IVYWHOLE or IVYSEMI in any order between now and midnight on Thursday 20th August and you’ll receive a free 2 pints of your chosen milk.

Try doing your own blind taste test at home and let us know what you think! Share your thoughts with us over Twitter and Instagram @Farmdrop with the hashtag #propergoodmilk – milk ‘taches encouraged….

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