5 reasons why Farmdrop is different

5th June 2015

Farmdrop is a very simple idea, helping you buy direct from local farmers and foodmakers (like farmer Rowie at Purton House Organics in Swindon above, with her gorgeous dog and our buyer Jaks). The clever bits come after…

Here are 5 reasons why we’re different from other folks:

First, you get fresher food. The food gets to you the same day it leaves the farm, kitchen or bakery.

Second, there’s no waste. Everything is made or harvested to order, so our producers only prepare as much as has been ordered.

Third, we’re a marketplace, not a retailer. Our mission is to connect people who want to buy local and seasonal food with the passionate people who make it.

Fourth, farmers and producers get a much better deal than they would from retailers because we don’t control anyone’s pricing. Which means…

Fifth, they are able to invest more in environmentally sustainable production, make a quality product, run a viable business and pay fair wages.

So, cutting out the middlemen ultimately affects how our food is made. Get it straight from the smaller, local producers who make great food and you’re not only helping to give the small guys a bigger and fairer slice of the food-supply pie, but you’re also supporting the effort create a society-wide sustainable future as it’s our beautiful farmland that makes up three quarters of Britain.

We know changing your food shopping habits can feel like a bit of an effort – but we are constantly trying to make it as easy as possible, and we are very grateful to those of you that have made that leap!

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