5 reasons why we’re 5x fresher than the supermarket

28th April 2016

It’s official – your supermarket’s gone stale. From the invention of fake farms on fresh produce, to the bans on misleading deals that are hitting headlines, what they’re up to isn’t big, it isn’t clever, and it’s definitely not right. There’s nothing that gets us in a flap more than customers being lied to about where their food comes from. Everyone can get their head around the idea ‘you are what you eat’, but what happens if you’re kept in the dark about the life of your food before it arrived in your belly?


Our slick supply chain immortalised in a handy infographic


In our mission to fix the food chain, our tight team of developers, buyers and logistics have been busy beavering away to make Farmdrop the leanest, most transparent way to get your hands on the freshest food. Together with your best local producers and using our super special ‘click-to-harvest’ technology, we’ve created a slick supply chain that is more than five times faster than the supermarkets’. Nearly all our fresh local produce reaches your doorstep within a day of leaving its source – for example, your basil is only cut once you’ve ordered it, so you get the absolute freshest food possible. How do we know this (we hear you cry)?

Here’s the science bit…

The average time taken between fresh produce arriving at our hub and a customer’s front door is 19 hours. This compares to 105.6 hours for supermarkets according to the most recent Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) supply chain (global experts of the food industry) analysis benchmarking report published in 2015.


So there you have it. 19 hours vs. 105.6 = 5x fresher. Now, we know numbers are all well and good, but let’s break it down a little for you. Whilst we’ve cracked getting your food to you in quick-sharp time after it arrives at our hub, we’re also working with our producers ensure your food is the freshest you can get from source. In that spirit, here’s the deliciously simple journey of 5 Farmdrop foods – from harvest or catch to our hub – to show just how fresh they are:


Purton House Organic Eggs

The chickens at Purton House Organics farm in Wiltshire are looked after by farmer Rally. His chicken’s eggs are laid a maximum of 3 days before reaching our hub, whereas supermarket eggs can be sold up to 10 days after the eggs are laid. EU legislation states all eggs must be sold up to 28 days from lay.


Ivy House Milk

Farmer Geoff Bowles’ Jersey cow organic milk and cream are processed on site at his Ivy House Farm in Somerset the same day as it arrives at our hub. Ivy House process in the morning and we collect in the afternoon. The milk is usually a day old before processing and the cream is from that morning’s milking. So, this means the cream that arrives at our hub at 11pm in the evening was still in the cow at 6am that morning!


Farmdrop Fish

Our fish is caught by our fishermen the day before it reaches our hub, whereas fresh fish sold the supermarket may have been caught up to 12 days before display.


GrowUp Urban Farm Herbs

This Big Leaf Basil (above) and all the herbs from GrowUp reaches our hub within a few hours of harvest. The farm is 8 miles away from our hub, whereas herbs sold in the supermarket might not be grown in the UK and can take up to 5 days or more to reach their shelves.


Chegworth Valley Organic Nettle Tips

Gathered straight from the fields around David and Janet Deme’s farm in Kent, their Organic Nettle Tips are harvested the day before it reaches our hub. You can’t get them in the supermarket!

Our unique model means that there’s zero food waste and supports sustainable small-scale farming too – making the planet and our producers very happy in the process.

What super-fresh foods will be on your menu this week? Our farmers and and foodmakers always love hearing about and seeing your (truly farm-to-fork) culinary creations. Whipped up a hake and salsa verde mid-week supper? Or simply can’t get enough of Geoff’s rich and flavoursome milk in your morning cup of the hot stuff? Share a snap with us @farmdrop on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with #Farmdrop and our favourite will win a free bundle at the end of each month. And for our producers Rally, Geoff, our Fishermen, the folk at GrowUp Urban Farms and the Deme family, knowing you love their produce just as much as they do will be the 5x fresher cherry on top.

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