5 simple spring cleaning hacks that won’t cost the Earth

12th March 2021

The spring equinox is finally upon us and we’re celebrating all things fresh, bright and clean. As seasonal champions, we love a spring clean and have come up with our best eco-friendly cleaning solutions to get your home in ship-shape. 

1. Oven Deep Clean with Bicarbonate of Soda & White Vinegar

When it comes to eco-friendly cleaning, baking soda and white vinegar will become your two best friends. They have so many uses around the house and can clean even the grimiest of ovens. 

To begin, make a bicarb soda paste with equal parts bicarbonate soda and water (start with around 3 tablespoons of both). Remove all moving parts from the oven and generously spread this paste all over, then leave overnight. In the morning, wipe the paste out with a damp cloth, then spray white vinegar through the oven (this will react with the leftover bicarb soda residue). After around five minutes, wipe out the oven again and it should look good as new. If needed, repeat the white vinegar spray and wiping out until you are happy with the results.

2. Shower Screen Scrub with Lemon & Rock Salt 

This is our favourite cleaning hack – it’s an absolute life changer. Gone are the days of fumigating the bathroom with fluorescent chemical sprays and being disappointed with the results. So, how do you get clean, clear and sparkling shower screens? Simply dip half a lemon into coarse sea salt and scrub over shower doors to remove water marks. The more affected areas will require some elbow grease, but the results are amazing and far better than using chemical based glass cleaners. It works as the acid in the lemon removes the water build-up while the salt works as an abrasive to scrub marks off. Try it – your bathroom will look and smell so much fresher in a matter of minutes.

3. Descale Kettles with Water & White Vinegar

A fast, environmentally friendly and effective way to clean and descale your kettle is to bring 2 cups water and ¼ cup white vinegar to the boil in the kettle. Empty this out, reboil the kettle with just water, empty again, and then use as normal. If your kettle is stainless steel then you can also spray undiluted white vinegar onto the outside surface and immediately wipe & buff with a soft cloth for instant shine. This eco-hack is super fast and effortless, using vinegar 2 ways in order to reset your kettle!

4. Red Wine Stains – Salt

The threat of a spillage can weigh heavy on the mind when drinking a glass of red. But what is our fail-safe trick to diminish the dreaded stain if the worst happens? Salt! As soon as the spill occurs, make sure to blot (not rub) the area with a clean cloth to try and absorb as much of the wine as possible. Then pour a mountain of rock salt onto the area so that the stain is no longer visible. Leave the salt overnight and hoover up in the morning, where the wine will vanish along with the salt. Magic.

5. Washing Machine Clean – Baking Soda & White Vinegar

The two favourites are back again but this time we’re using them to eliminate the musty smell that can build up in washing machines over time. When that damp smell starts there is a quick, eco friendly fix. Mix ¼ cup baking soda with ¼ cup water, stir and pour into the detergent draw, then pour 2 cups white vinegar into the drum and set the machine on a high heat cycle. After this your machine should be back to smelling fresh and ready for your next load. 

TOP TIP: In between washes it is always good to leave the drum empty and the machine door slightly ajar. It is also good to wipe out the drum regularly to keep everything as dry as possible.

There you have it. 5 great eco-friendly cleaning tips from Farmdrop! What we love most about these tips is they all use white vinegar, baking soda, salt or lemon which are things we generally have lying around at home. That means there are absolutely no excuses and it is time to give that good old spring clean a go! We hope you enjoy putting these eco-friendly hacks to use around the house! 

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