6 Jarred Sauces That Are True Mid-Week Miracles

5th October 2021

The universal question at 5pm on any given Wednesday is: what’s for dinner? You are technically downhill to the weekend, and rustling together another dinner from scratch is, at this point, out of your reach. Which is why our definitive list of our favourite jarred sauces is essential reading. 

What could be better than opening your pantry cupboard to find a range of delicious jarred goods that really ‘make a meal of it’? And in minutes too. 

While passata is a staple ingredient for all cooks, pre-made sauces and pestos have come a long way in the flavour-department. We’re now spoilt for choice: think artichoke and truffle, Roman lamb ragu, & tomato with wild fennel. And! They only ask for risotto or pasta as a vehicle for their incredible flavour. 

Our hot-tip: reserve some of your pasta cooking water to help ‘loosen’ the sauce or pesto as it’s stirred through pasta. And don’t forget the grated parmesan! 

Add one or two of these to your weekly shop, and be content in the knowledge that you have dinner up your sleeve, even when you hadn’t planned it. 


Artisan Lamb Romanesco Ragu (Ragu’ di Agnello)

La Tua Pasta

It’s 5-hour lamb ragu, in minutes. This Lamb Romanesco sauce is inspired by the traditional Roman Roast Lamb or “Abbacchio alla Romana.” It contains olives and anchovies – giving it a unique depth of flavour.

Just add Papadelle!

Organic Vegan Basil Peso

Mr Organic

Made in Italy, and to a Genovese recipe, this smooth pesto is super creamy – and vegan-friendly! 

Pesto is a family favourite, this Basil & Garlic rendition is delicious stirred through a pot of  Gnocchi or fun pasta shapes (like these Tricolour Animal Pasta Shapes). 

Vegan Meatballs Bolognese


We love when it does what it says on the can: These Vegan ‘meatballs’ from Vbites in Bolognese sauce are organic & seriously filling. Just add Vegan Style Italian Parmesan. 

Truffle & Artichoke Pesto

Belazu Ingredient Co

This one is for truffle lovers.

Stir this through your next risotto for an instant flavour-kick. It instantly elevates your meal to chef-level.

Wild Fennel & Tomato Pesto


This Wild Fennel and Tomato Pesto is made entirely from ingredients sourced from Sicily. It’s delicate aniseed flavour is enhanced by the nuttiness of Avola almonds.

As a pesto, it can be used as a spread or a dip. But the way we see it – it’s crying out to be paired with Italian sausage mince and rigatoni. 

Artisan Bolognese (Ragu alla Bolognese)

La Tua Pasta

This wouldn’t be a jarred sauce round up without the inclusion of Bolognese. This crowd-pleaser is a passata-based sauce containing braised beef and herbs.

It turns your ‘I can’t be bothered to cook’ situation into a filling, cosy meal. La Tua recommend serving with Tagliatelle

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