7 fantastic fish recipes ready in under 30 minutes

15th August 2019

Want to add more fish to your diet but short on time? These healthy, quick recipes are our take on some of Britain’s favourite fish dishes, from fish fingers to fish pie and pasta bake. And to make sure you’re supporting sustainable fishing, these recipes will help you to swap the usual cod, plaice, haddock and salmon for sustainable, seasonal pollock, pouting and trout. Here are our top 7 fantastic fish recipes ready in under 30 minutes:

1. Fish fingers

Fish fingers

Homemade fish fingers make for a delicious, family-pleasing supper. So much so they are ranked Britain’s 4th favourite family meal. They take less than 30 minutes to make and taste just as delicious with salad and potato wedges as they do squashed into fish finger sarnies with plenty of ketchup. Our sustainable pollock from Sole of Discretion is line-caught, fresh out of Plymouth harbour. It has the most incredible delicate taste and tender flesh – the perfect base for a crunchy coating.


2. Tuna pasta bake

fish pasta recipes

Fish pasta recipes don’t get much better than this. This classy tuna pasta bake has juicy cherry tomatoes and sustainably-fished tinned tuna, with a subtle kick of chilli flakes and creamy melted mozzarella to top it all off.

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3. Fish parcel recipes

fish parcel recipes

Fish parcel recipes are super easy to scale up and down, depending on how many you’re cooking for. This is a simple, healthy supper that requires minimal effort. It’s also one of the best ways to cook fish as all the flavourful juices aren’t able to escape. This recipe uses pouting – a member of the cod family – so it has a similar, tender flaking texture, but feel free to swap in any other fish fillets you can get hold of.

4. Fish taco goujons

fish tacos

This classic Mexican dish is one that you can roll up and eat with your hands, and is guaranteed to impress at the dinner table. Learn how to make your own creamy mayonnaise (or see our step-by-step guide with images) and bread your own fresh fish goujons – worlds away from anything you’ll pick up in the frozen aisle!

5. Anchovy spaghetti with lemony breadcrumbs

fish pasta recipes

Okay, anchovies might be divisive, but rather than over-powering this dish, they add delicious umami flavour; anchovy-haters won’t even notice (we promise!). Ready in 15 minutes, this is an easy recipe to scale up if you’re feeding the masses. Sprinkle the parsley breadcrumbs on top for added crunch and deliciousness.
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Batch-cooked fish recipes to get ahead…

6. Herby trout fishcakes


These fishcakes are perfect for making in batches and popping in the freezer, as they’re already in handy portions to throw straight into the oven. Bake at 200ºC for around 30 minutes, or until piping hot through. Baking the potatoes makes all the difference in flavour for these fishcakes and the herb combination is a great match with the fantastically fresh trout. If you’re really short of time mid-week, these ready-made fishcakes are really delicious.

7. Perfect fish pie

fish pie

This fish pie recipe is a thing of dreams – big chunks of freshly caught fish, a herby cream sauce and a generous layer of golden mash. Make it in advance and freeze in portions so on a busy weeknight you can throw it in the oven straight from frozen. Simply add on an extra 15 minutes to the cooking time.

Here at Farmdrop, we’re big fans of quality, sustainable fish. We believe that all the fish we eat should come from fisheries that work hard to sustain the delicate eco-balance of sea life. Which is why our fish is completely traceable, from shore to door. Find out more here.

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