7 Organic Swaps You Didn’t Know You Could Make

24th September 2020

It’s ‘go organic’ month here at Farmdrop and in this article we’ll be looking at a few easy swaps to organic that you might not have even known existed.

When we think of the term organic, we tend to think of delicious fresh produce, rolling green landscapes, and cows munching in fields with wildflowers. However the breadth of organic products goes way beyond just fresh produce. Here are a few that you might not have known could be organic.

Clearspring – Organic Soya Sauce

Traditionally, soya sauce is made by mixing soy beans and grain with microorganisms and yeast, then leaving it to ferment naturally. Using this process, soya sauce can take many months to make. In more recent times, mainstream soya sauce manufacturers have switched to using acid-hydrolyzed soy protein instead of natural cultures, as this significantly increases the production rate and dramatically lowers the cost.

Clearspring, a family run business who have been pioneering authentic Japanese specialties and organic fine food for over 25 years, still do things the old fashioned way.  

“We are dedicated to promoting traditional and sustainable foods with integrity, which in turn means supporting organic, sustainable agriculture and advocating real plant-based foods.”

Clearspring’s organic soya sauce is made with organic soya beans using handcrafted Japanese methods.

St Peter’s – Brewery Organic Best Bitter

If we think about the history of brewing, which dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians, it’s only very recently that the ale you drink could be anything but organic. Before the industrial revolution introduced chemicals and fertilisers, the hops and barley would have all been grown naturally. 

In recent years, a handful of breweries have started to make beers and ales using organic ingredients again. Farmdrop drinks buyer, Dan Whine, recommends St Peter’s Brewery organic best bitter “for me there’s nothing better than a quiet pint in a country pub, and that’s exactly what this organic ale remind me of.”

&SISTERS – Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons

Many sanitary products, and most store-bought tampons, use chlorine bleach or other harmful chemicals to process their products. &SISTERS, founded by Claire Lettice, are on a mission to change the way that we think about feminine care. All their products are made with 100% organic cotton. They also donate 10 per cent of their profits to help tackle period poverty across the globe.

“When it comes to women’s bodies we believe that women have the right to understand the ingredients that go into their products. There is still a very small percentage of the world’s cotton that is organic. Organic through the fact that it is allowed to grow naturally and of course the manufacturing process for organic cotton ensures that there are no bleaching agents, no dioxins, no other harmful chemicals.” Clair Lettice – Founder and CEO &SISTERS.

Farmdrop Bundles – The Organic Case

Much like the organic bitter, more and more people are choosing to make a switch to organic wine. In 2019, independent retailers saw a 6.5 per cent increase in sales, with supermarkets reporting a boost of 2.5 per cent. 

With Farmdrop we’ve made it easier than ever to make the switch, with our organic wine bundle. Curated by our drinks buyer, Dan Whine, it features six organic wines from some of the finest winemakers on the globe. 

What Dan says: “We also go one step further at Farmdrop and only work with vineyards that don’t use the harmful sprays permitted by EU organic legislation. It’s so important to understand that organic wines are more expensive but ultimately it’s what needed to save our soils!”

Edgard & Cooper – Beef Jerky for Dogs

Feeding your pets organic food ensures that the meat is free from harmful substances and the animal has led a much better life. Edgard and Cooper offer a whole range of healthy food and snacks for cats and dogs. 

“Our organic range of wet and dry cat and dog food is completely free of any chemicals, such as synthetic additives, pesticides or fertilisers. As with all our recipes, we pack our food full of delicious ingredients – starting with lots of fresh meat. On top of this, we also decided to make all our organic recipes gluten-free – so they’re even more perfect for sensitive tummies.”

Piccolo – Organic Sweet Potato & Beef Ragu 

If you’ve ever tried our in season strawberries, or our pasture fed organic beef mince, you’ll know that instantly it just tastes better. So what better way to encourage kids to get their five-a-day then with delicious and healthy organic produce, like this Organic Sweet Potato & Beef Ragu from Piccolo!

Not only do Piccolo only use ingredients free from GMO, pesticides and herbicides, they also source from independent family farms, as much as possible they believe “because families support each other”. 

Quinola – Organic Black Quinoa (Fairtrade)

Quinoa was one of the earliest examples of a ‘superfood’ due it’s high levels of fibre and protein. It contains more protein than any other grain while also being filled with iron and potassium.

Unfortunately the popularity of quinoa has prompted some farmers to cut corners on production with negative consequences on the environment. ,And it’s this issue that prompted James Livingstone Wallace to start Quinola – a fair trade and pesticide quinoa company that supports farmers and leaves a more positive impact on the natural environment.

“The environment is at the core of everything we do. This is why all the farmers we work with use no pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers, practice dry agriculture to preserve precious water resources and rotate their crops to allow the land to regenerate post-harvest.”

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