8 healthy heroes to get 2016 off to the right start

4th January 2016

At Farmdrop we really love food. Of course it’s because it’s
such an amazing and simple way to bring pleasure to life. But it’s also because
what we eat makes-up what we are, quite literally in fact. It’s the molecules
of the food we eat that will be processed to create all the cells in our
bodies. And it is exactly with that in mind that our founder Ben created
Farmdrop to give as many people as possible access to genuinely healthy
seasonal food. Buying locally minimises the time between when your vegetables
are harvested, your bread is baked and your eggs laid and when they reach your
kitchen. This means that the food is as fresh as it gets and that no additives
are used to artificially extend the lifetime of your food.

January is a great time to build new healthy habits and get
used to a healthier and more delicious diet. We have packed the shop with lots
of delicious products for you to enjoy this year. Here’s a quick run-down of
healthy foods that can help you to diversify your protein and vitamin sources.
Just don’t forget, nothing can be healthier that a diversified and well
balanced diet.

1. Bee Pollen

Why it’s very good for you: Bee pollen is collected from the body of bees and is then
dried. It’s full of vitamins, antioxidants and is rich in protein (it’s approximately
40% protein). These golden nuggets of concentrated goodness contain almost
everything your body needs, and contains more amino acids than any other animal
source of protein, helping you to feel sprightly and full of vitality.

How to have it: As
pollen can cause very strong allergies, you should always incorporate it slowly
in your diet, even if you don’t have a known allergy to bees and pollen. You
can blend bee pollen in juices and smoothies, or drop onto muesli for a nice
kick in the morning. You can also add it directly to your salads or dressings.

2. Organic Cavolo Nero Kale

Why it’s very good for you: Just like bee pollen, kale contains nutrients to a level
and a diversity that is found in almost no other food. While packing lots of
vitamins (A, K, C, B6) and minerals, it contains almost no calories but lots of
fibre. Finally, it can help reduces levels of bad cholesterol and it’s loaded
with antioxidants and compounds believed to have protective effects against

How to have it: Eat
kale raw or lightly steamed is the best way to benefit the most from all its
great health benefits.  It can also be
delicious pan fried with a little bit of oil and garlic, just like spinach. It
can also make very tasty chips after a short stay in the oven.

3. Cornish sea lettuce

Why it’s very good for you: Like most seaweed sea lettuce contains alginate which is
known for reducing bad cholesterol levels and limiting fat absorption during
digestion. It is also full of minerals, high in proteins (again the full
collection of the 9 amino acids) and is packed with healthy fats like Omega 3.

How to have it: It
works great in salads and soups, just throw it in. You can also use it once
dried to make maki rolls.

4. Wild venison chops

Why it’s very good for you: Venison is the red meat that contains the most proteins,
which means that you will need to eat less to satisfy your hunger. It is also a
very lean meat rich in iron.

How to have it: Venison
will need to be cooked rare to medium rare to be yummy. If you don’t like the
gamey taste, you can marinate it to temper the flavour. Venison will team up
very nicely with a lot of different spices like garlic, juniper, fennel, chilli
or bay leaves.

5. Chia seeds

Why it’s very good for you: Packing a lot of fibres and antioxidants, and originating
from South America, chia seeds are said to be a central part of the Aztecs’
diet. They’re also a good source of proteins and Omega 3 fats.

How to have it: Chia
seeds make a nice crunchy addition in your salads. They can also be used in
baking to add body to gluten-free and dairy-free dishes and in shakes or
smoothies. They’re also delicious when soaked in milk or water and mixed with
jam or fruit compotes.

6. Ginger Zinger shot

Why it’s very good for you: Ginger has recognised for a long time in Asia to be
helpful for easing digestion and relieving nausea. It’s also very good for
fighting the symptoms of the cold and the flu. This concentrated shot is
healthy hit of ginger goodness as well because it contains only ginger and
apple juice with no additives at all.

How to have it: This
is a very easy one. Open it, drink it!

7. Butterflied sardines

Why it’s very good for you: Sardines have a very high concentration of Omega 3 fats,
actually one of the highest of all food. They are also very abundant in British
seas and therefore are very local and fresh.

How to have it: The
most delightful way to prepare sardines might well be to just grill them and
then sprinkle salt, pepper and parsley on top to enjoy.

8. Love Raw energize superfood powder

Why it’s very good for you: On top of all the benefits from the Chia seeds, this bad boy also packs all essential amino acids (from Red Maca), antioxidants (from raw cacao) and Vitamin C (from Baobab).

How to have it: Just add it to your juicing, smoothie or granola creations.

If you want to discover other healthy
suggestions to start diversifying your diet in 2016, you can hit our detox shopping

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