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Big News, We’re B Corp Certified

23rd September 2021

We’re proud to announce that we have been certified as a B Corp business!

“It has been a rigorous process, which reflects the incredibly high standards required to achieve B Corp certification. We are thrilled to have scored so highly in areas such as our mission, environmental management, employee contributions and community. Doing these things well and with conviction is core to our approach at Farmdrop.” says Farmdrop CEO, Eleanor Herrin. 

It has been a rigorous process… and we are thrilled to have scored so highly in areas such as mission, environmental management, employee contributions and community.

Eleanor Herrin, Farmdrop CEO


Farmdrop was founded on the principles of sustainable sourcing, responsible governance and having a positive impact on the environment, customers and producers, so it made perfect sense to future proof these commitments with verification from B Corp – the gold standard for good business practices. 

B Corp rates companies across a range of key social and environmental practices. These are the main areas we scored highly:


Being a part of our community, and giving back is hugely important to Farmdrop. 

  • Farmdorp donated 215,727 meals to the Felix Project in 2020.
  • Our employees are offered two volunteer days a year, paid. This equates to 4,000 hours of community volunteering.

Being a force for good 

We’re serious about our Sourcing Policy. It guides how we select the products that we sell. We will always: 

  • Prioritise local
  • Put animals first
  • Look after producers
  • Take care of the planet

Left: Our Head of Buying, Jaks Pemberton

Green Energy

If there’s a way to power our operations from renewable sources, we’ll always try and select this option over fossil energy sources. 

  • We use electric vehicles wherever possible, powered by 100% renewable energy.  This saved 98.8 tonnes of CO2e in 2020. 
  • Earlier this year, we upgraded some of our fleet to Mercedes Vito vans. These new delivery vehicles have more capacity, to fit more orders into each of our delivery runs. This way, we’re able to make every delivery even more efficient! 
  • Our warehouses are powered by renewable energy – this saved 105 tonnes of CO2 in 2020.

Food Waste

If food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest producer of CO2 after the USA and China. That is why we refuse to waste any of the incredible food that our producers put their hearts into making. That is why we use this excess produce to create delicious Made by Farmdrop products wherever possible. 

When we can’t use the produce in our own kitchen, we send it to The Felix Project, to help families and individuals in need. 

Looking after our people

  • We are a London Living Wage Certified Employer
  • Excellent Health and Safety Practices 
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Ongoing training 
  • Flexible working options
  • Volunteering days

Left: Neil Gander, our Food & Kitchen Operations Manager

What you need to know about B Corp

We asked Grace Niblock, our Sustainability Project Manager, to answer a few questions. Grace coordinated the certification process for Farmdrop and also helped us to manage our range of impact related initiatives.


Is certification important in the world of food production? 

The food industry and food production is very broad so certifications available vary massively. I think every certification has its place and purpose. Some give confidence to consumers and others are more relevant for other businesses or even internally within a business.  


What was the process like, from application to certification? 

Our thorough B Impact Assessment was completed over a nine month period. 

This required us to review B Corps’ questions against our processes and policies gathering the evidence needed for all of our answers. 

We then submitted our assessment for verification. We were assigned a Standards Analyst – who was fantastic to work with – they reviewed our answers alongside our evidence and requested more information or documentation where necessary. The process was an opportunity to scrutinise our business and the B Corp team were really helpful in this too. 

The B Impact assessment is rigorous, it needs to be to ensure businesses are meeting their high standards, so it was definitely a challenge! But it was great to see where Farmdrop is already doing well and really useful in creating a roadmap for how we can improve. 


Why B Corp?

B Corp Certification, unlike other certifications, helps and encourages businesses to be better and do better. It also makes businesses legally accountable to balance profits and purpose. Companies can access the B Impact Assessment to benchmark their performance without having to commit to certification so they can start their journey and be inspired. The questions show you how you can move to the next level so it is a great tool.

One of our producers, Haye Farm are a small scale farm located in Devon

Why is this an important certification for Farmdrop?

Our overall aim is to be a force for good. And alongside being an agent for positive change in the community we serve, we also work with suppliers who prioritise sustainable food production. This future-proofs our commitment to delivering the most delicious, wonderfully fresh food to our customers. 

B Corp certification is hugely important because it aligns to all of these things: the community, sustainability & quality trifecta we promise our customers every day. We’ll continue to be audited by B Corp in the coming years, which means we’ll have the opportunity to improve our current practices, too. 

Most importantly, our Farmdrop customers can be secure in the knowledge that we’re certified by a respected third party – and hopefully they’re also celebrating with us, because they’re a huge part of this initiative too. 


What does it mean for the future of the company?

It is great to be part of the growing community of B Corps. We can now start engaging and contributing to the work being done within the community.  But completing our first certification is just the start of our journey. Through the process we have identified areas where we can be better and do more. 

And in 3 years time, we’ll be required to reapply for our B Corp certification. We aim to demonstrate improvement  from our current benchmark as we continue to focus on our impact work.


What does it mean for Farmdrop customers? 

Hopefully, through our certification we can educate more people about what B Corps are and what it takes to become one. We have some great producers that are also B Corps so we can use this opportunity to shout about them too.

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