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  • Living Thinking

    10 ways to celebrate Leap Day

    This year 29th February falls on a Saturday so there’s no excuse not to make the most of it.  The whole point of Leap Day is that it’s a whole extra day you didn’t…

    24th February 2020
  • Sourdough starter day 5
    Cooking Thinking

    How to make your own sourdough starter

    Want to know how to make a sourdough starter? Worried that it’s too difficult to even try? Think again. Home-baker and sourdough fanatic, Merlin Jobst, shares a straightforward guide. There are a lot of…

    21st February 2020
  • Living Thinking

    Tackling Period Plastic with DAME

    DAME is a sustainable period care brand on a mission to make periods positive, for women and the planet. They’re cleaning up the tampon industry, focusing on plastic waste, toxic chemicals and period shame.…

    18th February 2020
  • Thinking

    Your guide to sustainable pet food

    Understanding how much of an ecological impact your choice of pet food can have is important for living a sustainable lifestyle. Making sustainable choices for your pet Most of us strive to make eco-conscious choices, but…

    10th February 2020
  • Thinking

    Is frozen fish superior to fresh?

    It is nigh impossible for most people to be able to differentiate at the checkout between fish that had been caught with minimal impact to the marine eco system and those that have wreaked…

    21st January 2020