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    Extreme foods from around the world

    From blended frogs to fried spiders, roasted cat to eggs cooked in urine, what is celebrated as a local delicacy in one part of the world can often elicit a more squeamish, grimace-like…

    9th July 2013
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    Get your swap on The notion of exchanging goods you have for goods you want is the oldest form of economic trade. And historically, bartering with trading partners provided one of…

    6th July 2013
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    Check out this great article by Danielle Gould, the founder of Food+Tech Connect: “Leveraging information, technology and multidisciplinary design, we can begin to level the playing field between industrial and sustainable…

    4th July 2013
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    Recycle Week 2013 It’s the 10th annual Recycle Week and this year’s theme is ‘Recycling – at home and away’ and will focus on metals, plastics, packaging, textiles and food waste. We’re feeling quite…

    18th June 2013