Sweetcorn fritters? Buttery corn-on-the-cob? Our favourite sweetcorn recipes

19th August 2021

It’s British sweetcorn season! And while the season may be short at just four to six weeks, these sweet little gems are totally worth celebrating. Much like peas, sweetcorn tastes at its best when it’s just been picked, and is at its freshest. 

From sweetcorn fritters to good old BBQ corn on the cob, these are our favourite sweetcorn recipes to celebrate the end-of-summer season.

Sweetcorn & feta fritters

sweetcorn fritters

These fantastic little fritters are best with proper, fresh in season corn on the cob. They are so simple to make (a great one to get the kids involved with) and topped with fried eggs, avocado and chorizo or simply on their own form a wonderful brunch or supper.

Chilli & lime buttered corn

bbq corn on cob

Spice up your sweetcorn with this lip-smacking chilli and lime butter. Pile the corn high in the middle of the table and let everyone paint on their own butter. You can make a vegan version buy swapping the butter with oil, just heat up the oil slightly with the rest of the ingredients then drizzle onto the corn.

Roasted sweet potato, charred corn & avocado salad

avocado salad

A delicious summer salad recipe from food writer Georgina Hayden says it’s a winner for the kids too. “You’d be surprised at how much kids love this. P happily sat there for ages (about 8 minutes) individually eating each corn kernel slathered in the avocado dressing. And anything that keeps her that engrossed, in a vegetable, is a complete winner in my eyes.”

Corn & Chorizo Salad

chorizo sweetcorn salad

Smoky sweetcorn with spicy chorizo, sweet summer peppers, and juicy tomatoes – what could be better to top your farm-fresh burger, or toss in a crunchy salad?

Thai sweetcorn patties

thai sweetcorn fritters

These fritter-like summer snacks are even better with fresh corn. Simply remove the husks from sweetcorn cobs and cook in boiling water for 10 minutes. Slice off the corn kernels with a knife and continue the recipe as outlined. Saiphin Moore says, “these corn cakes are crunchy, with a wonderful balance of peppery savour to balance the sweet burst of corn. They’re great served as a party finger food.”

Tuna pasta bake

fish pasta recipes

Tuna and sweetcorn are a childhood classic, and it’s guaranteed the kids will love it. Cook the cobs in boiling water for 10 minutes, then slice off the kernels with a knife and throw them into this recipe along with the pasta. Using fresh cherry tomatoes and sustainably-fished skipjack tuna, with a subtle kick of chilli flakes and creamy melted mozzarella to top it all off, this is a family favourite recipe.

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