How to cook the perfect fish supper, with Jenius Social

29th June 2017

If you missed out on a ticket to our Jenius x Grow Up Urban Farm masterclass last week then fear not, as we’ve got the recipes right hear for you to try at home, with all the ingredients to buy in one click!

Fish Tacos with Chive Mayo

Crispy fish goujon wraps with homemade chive mayonnaise

A classic Mexican dish that you can roll up and eat with your hands (so guaranteed to get the whole family excited). Learn how to make your own creamy mayonnaise and bread your own fresh fish goujons with this easy step-by-step recipe from Jenius Social – worlds away from anything you’ll pick up in the frozen isle! Full recipe here. 

Grilled White Fish with Avocado Salsa

Crisp grilled fish with chilli, avocado and lime salsa

A super quick, healthy and flavourful 15 minute meal straight from the kitchen at Jenius Social. Full recipe here.

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