Easter Crafting Ideas for Kids

11th March 2021

Easter is right around the corner and how better to celebrate than getting your kids crafting? Sure to keep little minds entertained, these three craft ideas are ideal when you need a last-minute activity to hand. 

Painted Easter Eggs

This activity is an all-round crowd-pleaser. Painting eggs is not a new notion but it’s always a winner. Plus, it’s a pretty great activity if you want to pull something out of the bag last minute.

Whether you dip them in a little food colouring, get your paint set out or even let the little ones loose on the stickers – this is a pretty versatile activity.

Bunny Easter Bags

Sometimes the more simple the craft, the more fun. Who likes tidying up anyway? Well, grab your leftover Farmdrop grocery bags – we’ve got just the speedy craft just for you in five easy steps:

  • On the front draw a simple bunny face.
  • Cut off the handles and then cut the paper bags to make bunny-ear shapes at the top.
  • Pop something into the bag so it gives it a little shape, perhaps a bag of rice or some scrunched up newspaper.
  • Add a little cotton wool or a pom-pom onto the back at the bottom.
  • Lastly, draw the top together with a little bit of string.

These cute little guys are great for when supplies (or your patience!) is a little low.

Chick Egg Boxes

Remember those eggs we suggested painting? Well, waste not want not – we’ve got a craft for the egg boxes too:

  1. Separate the two egg holders from the carton and trim the edges.
  2. Glue to two pieces together with PVA.
  3. Paint the boxes all over with some acrylic paint.
  4. Allow to dry before drawing on some eyes and adding on a small triangle bit of card for the beak!

That’s the simple version, but let yours and the kid’s creativity run wild. Who knows we could see some great hairstyles or even a few polkadot chicks.

We hope you have fun giving some of these crafting ideas a crack, don’t forget to help yourself to a little easter chocolate whilst you’re at it!

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