Enjoying Farmdrop 1: The why and how of ordering

23rd January 2015

imageWe want to close the gap between doing the right thing and the effort it requires to do it. All the research tells the same story: the vast majority of us want to buy more of our food locally. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you, and we’d like to share a few tips that will help you enjoy Farmdrop.

When you put in your order you’ll notice that there are quite a few options on how it gets to you. We really want to make sure that it’s something that fits into your life, so we have two options:

1. Delivery: we drive it to your door – choose:

  • 5-hour window (free); or
  • 2-hour window (£1.95)

2. Pick-up: You pick it up from a nearby pub, cafe or local shop. £1 off – maybe to put towards a pint while you’re there?


The second option works well for people wanting to pick up on the way home – or if you just can’t quite be sure when you’ll get back. A lot of our venues are pubs and many have a distinctive Farmdrop shed, ready to keep your food safe until you are back from work/the school run etc.

Currently, pick-up is available on a Wednesday and a Friday. As orders keep growing there’d be more days available, but there will be a handful of smaller producers who can only make one of our delivery days.

Ordering two days in advance

You will also have noticed we need your order at least a couple of days in advance. This is all about working with people that care about the quality of your produce. So, to help our farmers and foodmakers prepare your order, without any wastage, and to ensure it’s as fresh as can be you need to put your order in a couple of days before you get it. We will send you a reminder each week on the day of your order cut off. In time you’ll be able to set reminders when you want them and get certain things on repeat. Watch this space!

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