Enjoying Farmdrop 2: How to feed the family using Farmdrop

26th January 2015


Even if you don’t have toddlers running under foot, finding the time to put together something nourishing 3 times a day, 7 days a week is not the easiest thing to do. In fact, it’s pretty hard. So the first rule should be … “don’t aim too high”.

But let’s not aim too low either. Farmdrop is here to help – in terms of the health, taste and enjoyment of your food. Our top ten tips:

  1. Bundle! We know you don’t want to get bags of kale week after week, so our bundles (fruit and veg, veg, juicing bundles) give you a good mix of seasonal produce – and offer convenience and good value. You can always order items individually if you prefer.
  2. Choose washed veg. Ok, muddy has its charms, but do treat yourself to washed occasionally. However beautiful your vegetable brush, you will not always have time to use it.
  3. Get the basics in. The onion, celery, carrot combo (the French call it Mirepoix) is the base to many a good meal. Know what your basics are – butter, bread, milk, lemons, parsley – we have most of the essentials of any weekly shop.
  4. Fruit loop. We have a varied outlook on our fruit, being considerably more constrained by the seasons than your average supermarket. What we lack in range we make up for in quality!
  5. Know your staples. Chances are that while you have the occasional Blumenthal-esque flourish, a good bolognese / fish pie /  cottage pie are your weekly staples. A roast chicken or a lamb tagine also go down well with the whole family.
  6. Pack it in. If you are making lunch for the kids or yourself then the occasional treat is a good idea – one of our scotch eggs will help to refuel you or your little ones. Make them sandwiches out of our delicious, soft focaccia from Bread Ahead.
  7. Cheap and slow. For those willing to start the cooking a little earlier, there are cuts of meat, like beef skirt, that reward patient cooking, often at a fraction of the cost.
  8. Embrace convenience. Treat yourself to the occasional pot of soup or a quiche. You owe it to yourself, and it’s tricky to cook from scratch all the time. Our handmade fresh tortelloni from Francesco’s gang at La Tua offers great value  – and takes a couple of minutes to prepare.
  9. Pile ‘em high. Always keep healthy stashes of pasta, rice and pulses – don’t get caught short. If you always buy the same ones, experiment with bulgur wheat, pearl barley, lentils and quinoa – each has its own merits and it’s always good to bring something new to the table.
  10. Try something new. Nothing gets into our shop without a universal thumbs up from our bearded tasting duo, Mark and Jaks. Never tried La Tua’s fresh tagliatelle? Try it now. Never tried purple carrots? Bring a bit more colour to your kitchen!

We’ll be starting to send on more ideas and recipes in the coming weeks.

You can have a browse here.


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