Enjoying Farmdrop 3: Getting the best out of your Farmdrop food

26th January 2015

Here are a few thoughts on how to get the most out of your food when shopping from Farmdrop.

  1. Eat your greens first. This is not about saving the best to last. The sooner you eat your greens the less sugar will have turned to starch. Eat them earlier and they are in every sense “sweet” – they taste amazing and are nutritionally at their best too.
  2. Get 2 deliveries in a week. To ensure your food is as fresh as can be, take advantage of our 2 weekly deliveries by ordering for Wednesday and Friday – the latter sorting you out for your weekend. Great for keeping fresh supplies of bread, dairy and the more delicate veg.
  3. Chilling out. Remember that all our chilled produce is delivered in silver cool bags with ice packs that keep your food fresh. So you can order dairy products and other items from the fridge section, safe in the knowledge it’ll all stay fresh, even if you are collecting from one of our pick-up points. Just remember to return the packaging to us – leave it at your pick-up point or return it to our driver.
  4. Rediscover real bread. A real loaf of sourdough bears no relation to the mass-produced industrial bread on the supermarket shelves. Apart from real bread being easier on the digestion, most importantly, it just TASTES so good. Try one of ours from Bread Ahead or the Flour Station with a generous slathering of farmhouse butter, and you’ll be converted (if you’re not already!).
  5. Storage tips. Remember that spuds, onions and garlic really prefer the dark. Tomatoes taste better if you keep them out of the fridge. Greens and salad leaves appreciate a piece of kitchen paper in their container to absorb any moisture, keeping it away from the delicate leaves. Share your top tips below.
  6. Old-fashioned milk. Our organic milk from Ivy House farm is milk like it used to be – it’s not homogenised which means you still get the cream rising to the top – you just need to give it a little shake before use.
  7. Leftovers. Be sure to use all your leftover veg and herbs – chuck them all together in your soups and stews, or try a new frittata or risotto. Courgettes, beetroot and carrots all work in cakes too – so you can even rustle up a surprising sweet treat if you’re lucky. Leftover herbs can be used to make flavoured butters which can be kept in the freezer, or flavoured olive oils.

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