Extreme foods from around the world

9th July 2013

From blended frogs to fried spiders, roasted cat to eggs cooked in urine, what is celebrated as a local delicacy in one part of the world can often elicit a more squeamish, grimace-like response (often accompanied with an emphatic ‘yuk’) in others.

But as the debate on the future of food continues, ideas and perceptions about what’s acceptable to eat are changing and we may see our diets change dramatically over the next few decades.

Bugs. That’s right, not only are creepy crawlies are currently infesting the UK’s restaurant scene, the UN have told us to think seriously about eating insects in the fight against global hunger. 

To the majority of us Brits chomping on beasties is about as palatable as slurping on a drink made from blended frog, but approximately 2 billion people already supplement their diets with insects. So it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that these crawly critters could become part of our diet within our lifetimes.

So it’s in this spirit that we’re bringing you a compilation of some of the most extreme food from around the world.

Quick warning – although really fascinating, it’s probs best not to read this on your lunch break.

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