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Farewell Pick-up Points, Hello Fruit & Veg Delivery!

1st October 2015

Today we say goodbye of our pick-up points. As we announce the end of one era, our founder Ben explains how we’re making home delivery work, and why we’re very excited to begin a new, improved, and even more revolutionary one.


It’s another big day here at Farmdrop. We’re celebrating another record month on the one hand but calling time on our collection points on the other. Too many people have been involved in trying to make our collection points work for us to simply unplug them, so let me take a few lines to explain and welcome you to the world of sustainable food logistics in the process…

Put simply, when I began thinking about Farmdrop over 3 years ago I thought that making home delivery sustainable and profitable was impossible; expensive-to-run vans driving around half-empty characterised the dreaded “last mile” in my previous life looking at larger food retailers. But as it turns out, Farmdrop can (very happily) make home delivery work, both in terms of economics and environment and as a Farmdrop customer first and foremost I’m extremely pleased about this. Here’s why:

We’re super-local

Farmdrop is super-local not just in terms of our producers being close to our packing hubs but also because we deliver within a tight radius of those packing hubs. This is important for a couple of reasons: firstly it means we are in a unique position to deliver food to doorsteps on the actual day it leaves its source; and secondly because it enables Farmdrop to use electric vans, perfect for shorter outings, great for the environment and also less expensive to run.

We get the best out of near zero-carbon packaging

The other thing we’ve been pleased to see is how much of our packaging we’ve been able to recover and re-use with home delivery. We use Woolcool because it keeps chilled food cold for 11 hours, but also because it has a near-zero carbon footprint. Try as we might, we couldn’t get this working so well with collection points.

We can make your experience better

We spend a lot of time and effort making sure everything is perfect when it leaves our packing hub each day, and simply couldn’t make it fail-safe at the other end with collection points. Our customers mean too much to us to expect them to suffer unreliable service and because we just couldn’t guarantee a perfect experience using the collection point method we have to stop it until we can. That’s not to say that we won’t in the future – but startups our size need to keep it simple and get very good at doing just a few things initially.

Finally – a big thank you to all those who’ve played a role in trying to make our collection points work, either by using them, or hosting them. Our mission is to fix the food chain, only our execution has been tweaked.

Everything we do, we do in a new way – and collection points were a big part of that. But it turns out that people, quite reasonably, want heavy bags of fresh food bought through to their hallways or kitchens, (which is what we do) more than they want to go and pick it up. And having found the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way of doing it (ever), that’s where we’re headed. Viva the delicious revolution!

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