FarmDrop update: More great press & some fantastic new investors

28th July 2014

Hi everyone,

Ben here, one of FarmDrop’s founders. We just wanted to give you a bit of an update on our Crowdfunding campaign.

It’s just over 2 weeks into the campaign we continue to be amazed by how well it’s going.

Last week we crashed through our £400,000 target with more than 240 individuals now having invested more than £465,000 in total.

We’re delighted not just by the number of investors but also the reasons they’ve given for investing. Richard Fearn, director of the Friday Club says, ’What I love about FarmDrop is that they’re not some dark tech overlord mowing up the high street. They’re using technology to get a better deal for the farmers and for shoppers, all the while having a positive impact on our sense of community.

We were also delighted to receive investment from Edd Reed, one of the founders of Graze, the hugely successful food-tech business.

Adrian Melrose of Rosery Farm in Suffolk also invested last week, tweeting: ’I’ve invested in your CrowdCube Round. I produce rare-breed pork (amongst other things)… I can see the model so clearly!’. Remember, for Adrian and all the other producers who invest we have some great rewards. You can invest anything from £10 upwards and we’d love to have you on board. 

Don’t forget that with all the founding directors and employees participating in our Crowdcube round it’s good to know that you’re also investing alongside the people who see FarmDrop from the inside everyday.

The window of opportunity will remain open a short while longer so please pass this to anyone you’d be sad to miss out. And remember, the more investment FarmDrop receives now, the faster we can turn FarmDrop into the next big thing in UK food retail. If you’d like to become FarmDrop’s next shareholder please head to our Crowdcube pitch here.

Thanks again for playing such a key role in FarmDrop.

Ben & The FarmDrop Team

PS – check out the article about FarmDrop is CityAm this morning:

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