Farmdrop’s love letter to wonky veg

12th February 2016

The subject of these beauties (in our eyes) hit the headlines this week as a leading supermarket has opted to bring them to their shelves. To celebrate just how much we’ve always loved them, and always will, here’s a our ode to the wondrous wonky vegetable. Knobbles and all.

Wonky veg, we love you. Your rugged edges, spontaneous curves, lumps, bumps and roots-gone-wrong never fail to bring a smile. We love your rejection of rules, your free spirit and delicious, natural beauty. When you think about it, there’s no such thing as ‘wonky veg’, just wonderful, nourishing, life-giving vegetables of all shapes and sizes.

Too odd? Never. Too strange? How dare they. Ditching you because your wiggles require a little careful navigation is an absolute travesty. Throwing you away because you look a little different is simply ridiculous. A lot of time, energy, love and care went into making you. And we love how you just how you are.

The Farmdrop Team


Here’s a little more on wonky veg and it’s triumph in the food waste debate

Did you know up to 40% of farmers’ crops are thrown away because they are ‘imperfect’? 

Currently, 15% of potatoes do not make the shelf because they are too big, too small or blemished. 15% of parsnips don’t meet specifications because they are oddly shaped or have superficial defects. 8% of carrots grown with knobbles and bobbles are left with growers. Whatever the shape or size of a vegetable, as long as it’s fresh and edible, we’ll give it a new home, in your home. Our producers’ vegetable bundles are packed with seasonal produce and we’re here to help them get as much as possible out of their crops and into your Farmdrop.

We hate how perfectly good food is being thrown away by big retailers. Whilst they may be starting to cotton onto how much everyone else hates this too, in our eyes, ‘wonky veg’ simply doesn’t exist. It’s all just veg, lovingly brought to us by nature and that we should be thankful for. Together with you and our producers we aim to keep things as local and sustainable as possible. Here’s to embracing all vegetables, quirks and all and let’s fight food-waste, deliciously.

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