Farmdrop’s Pricedrop: this is not a sale

10th September 2015

Today Farmdrop has taken a big step in making our revolutionary model even more compelling. Prices have been lowered across the board – all without paying a single producer a penny less. How have we done it? Our founder Ben explains all.


Farmdrop has always been a place where buyers can meet sellers who love food and care about the way it’s produced. Now, we are truly beginning to harness the power of a business that cuts out processors, distributors and warehouses full of stock in favour of compelling prices. Looking around the other vendors on the internet last night, it appears that items like Fosse Meadows’ incredible* free-range whole chicken and Chegworth Valley Organic Raspberries will cost you around 40% more to have delivered to your front door by someone else – and I don’t think they’ll be as fresh or delicious either.

This is not a sale and the prices mentioned here are not ‘offers’. So how have we managed to do this whilst remaining true to our original mission of providing independent local producers with a greater share of the retail price – more so than anyone else – and ensuring Farmdrop is a sustainable business model? Allow me to briefly explain.

If you walked into our office or packing hub you’d quickly have an idea of just how lean we are, (and not just from our lo-fi shed for a meeting room). We don’t store any fresh food – it arrives at your door on the same day it leaves the farms and this means no storage costs. We have no physical shop (we’re 100% online), so there’s no retail space to pay rent for.

We’ve designed Farmdrop to be the leanest middleman ever, and the simplest and lowest-cost bridge built between producers and you. This is how we can sustainably offer fantastic prices without budging an inch on the best producers and the best food. Our respect for food quality is really what defines us, and that means respect for producers – the farmers, families and foodmakers whose life work is to bring you the most utterly delicious food you can get – and their prices.

I’ve learnt two unshakeable things along the way since our 3-man office in my living room in 2012. The first is that Farmdrop must offer households something amazing: the best food, great service, and a brilliant online experience are all part of the package, (watch this space for some big upgrades coming soon). The second is that producers must think of us as their best ever route to market: it’s what enables Farmdrop to attract the best food there is. For the first time, we’re solving both.

I hope this explains how our Bermondsey gang of 15 have begun revolutionising the way we buy and sell food in the UK. We’re able to provide smart prices whilst protecting our producer promises. If we break those, we know very well that we are lost.

*“The chicken is like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s bigger, plumper, firmer and both yellower and pinker than normal. It’s by far the best chicken I’ve ever tasted.” says writer Joanne Gould in her article published today after eating chemical-free food for a week.

Have a comment or question on our price changes, or generally on how we roll? Drop us a line at [email protected]

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