Farmers feed blue potatoes to cows to produce blue whole milk

1st April 2016

Do you rely on the colour of a milk bottle lid to determine the fat content of the white stuff? Ever accidentally poured skimmed into a recipe that requires full fat, or drank a cuppa that’s far too creamy for your liking? We know we have. These desperate times call for desperate measures.

Clever farmers have come up with a brilliant way of making your milk completely stress-free. By feeding their dairy cows a diet rich in organic blue potatoes, they have developed milk that is naturally coloured depending on its fat content. No more blue caps, the white stuff now comes with its very own naturally produced a blue hue.


Pull the udder one!

Now this might sound cow mad, but in fact this technique travels all the way back to Ancient Romans, where farmers would use dye from plants to colour code dairy products and even beer and wine.

It’s a revelation in milk production and there are even talks of red coloured skimmed milk made by beetroot-fed cows coming soon. Blue whole milk will be available on the shop soon.

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