5 Easy Ways To Get More Fibre Into Your Diet

15th January 2019

Have you heard the news? The low-carb-diet trend might be officially over. A new review commissioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO) reveals we should be getting more fibre into our diet to dramatically cut our risk of heart attack. The recommended daily intake of fibre is 30g. But experts say that the majority of us aren’t even getting close to that. Only 9% of the world population are hitting their Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of fibre.

The good news is that it’s really easy to get more fibre in your diet. Foods that are high in natural fibre tend to also contain more vitamins and minerals, are super delicious and versatile. There are plenty of easy, cheap and satisfying ways to make sure you get your daily allowance. Here are five foods to eat that will up your fibre intake.



chickpea curry recipe

This healthy chickpea curry recipe is full of fibre  

Who doesn’t love chickpeas? They’re the essential ingredient in so many of our favourite dishes, from hummus to falafel, curries to tagines, and now there’s even more reason to get them in your diet. Not only are they rich in protein (making them a great meat substitute for veggies and vegans), they count as one of your 5-a-day and are high in fibre.
Fibre per 100g: 7.6g  



how to make perfect porridge

Learn how to make the perfect porridge – a nutritious, fibre-fuelled breakfast for the whole family. 

Your new best friend. Oats are among the healthiest grain foods on the planet. They’re very high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and contain a powerful soluble fibre which has major beneficial effects on blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This spiced porridge recipe is a fibre-packed winter warmer – it can be made in advance (and warmed up in the morning) to take the strain off the school run.
Fibre per 100g: 10.6g


Rye bread  

rye walnut bread recipe

Toasted rye bread with a hearty winter soup. Healthy comfort food at its best. 

Rye is considered to be one of the world’s healthiest grains. It contains five times more fiber than refined wheat, which means it gives you a slow-energy release (unlike the spike and crash in blood sugar levels that’s common with refined wheat) and is beneficial for gut health and digestion. With a pleasant, mellow, sweet-sour flavour and a texture that just melts in your mouth, rye bread makes for a great sandwich. Try Karaway bakery’s light rye sourdough or BreadBread Bakery’s 100% German Rye Vollkorn, sweetened with rich, caramelly molasses.
Fibre per 100g: 15g



Blitz avocado into a silky dressing and toss through roasted sweet potato and charred corn

Another reason to eat more avocado toast! These fruits are packed with fibre and the kids go mad for them. Mother and cook, Georgina Hayden, says the best way to get the kids to eat them is by blitzing avocado up with Greek yoghurt, fresh coriander and lemon juice. Drizzled over a salad with roasted sweet potato, it’s a mega fibre boost the kids will love. Alternatively, slice them into sandwiches, mash into guacamole or eat just as it is with a drizzle of good olive oil and a little sea salt.
Fibre per 100g: 6.7g



lentil one pan recipe

Feed the family for less with this classic sausage and lentil one-pot recipe.

Lentils might just be the perfect food, which might be why they crop up in so many cuisines around the world. Like chickpeas, lentils are a super-cheap way to up your fibre, especially if you buy them dried and soak them yourself.
Fibre per 100g: 7.9g

For all of these, plus more fibre-rich foods from the best producers, go to

Here are 6 more deliciously simple ways to kick-start a healthier 2019. No diet fads and bland salads here: just good, healthy food.

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