Four Great Reasons To Introduce Plants Into Your Home

25th September 2020

Written by James Folger, founder of The Stem

Bringing plants into your home can be a great way to bring your home to life and not only do plants look great but there’s also a lot of evidence that plants and access to nature can improve our physical and mental health, including reducing stress and lifting our mood.

I founded The Stem, a sustainability-focused online garden centre in October 2019, after working in the City for 3 years. During that time, connecting to nature provided me a welcome sanctuary from the stresses of the City and ultimately motivated me to create a business that would help others to build their own connection with nature through plants and gardening.

The respect I developed for the natural world led me to embed sustainability principles into the roots of The Stem, with all of our orders hand-delivered in our electric vans, no plastic packaging and we plant a tree for every order.


Here’s four great reasons why you should bring plants in to your home:


They make us feel good

Having plants inside your home has been shown to reduce our stress levels and studies have shown that interacting with plants can induce physiological & psychological relaxation. There is also something very powerful about nurturing living plants and seeing them grow and thrive. 


They make us more productive

Being surrounded by plants can help to improve our productivity, reaction times and attention span. As working from home at least some of the time seems to be becoming a more regular way of living and working, introducing plants to your home office can be a great way to improve your productivity. Our low-maintenance plants are a great starting point – particularly suited to the negligent!

They can positively impact our physical health

Plants have been shown to reduce blood pressure, fatigue and headaches by up to 25% and patients in hospital rooms with plants have even reported decreases in postoperative pain.


They purify the air

Plants act as natural air-purifiers, removing toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the atmosphere. These pollutants are emitted from many sources in modern homes, including furniture and detergents. As these build up they can adversely impact human health. A 1989 NASA study showed that plants in a contained setting can break down these man made compounds and purify the air.

It is likely that the air-purifying impact has lower efficacy in non-controlled home settings, and you may need quite a few plants to get the benefit but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try!

Check out our air-purifying collection on our website to see plants that have been proven to be the most effective.


I may be biased but I think we could all use more greenery in our lives – especially given the potential benefits listed above! At The Stem, we are on a mission to make plants and gardening more accessible than ever and in the most sustainable way possible. We hope we can bring you some #planthappiness soon!


James 🌱


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