Feed The Whole Family With This Midweek Tomato And Egg Curry

7th May 2019

With young kids in tow, it can often feel an impossible task to feed the whole family the same meal. Food stylist, cookbook author and mother, Georgina Hayden shares her lightly spiced curry recipe that the kids will be happy to wolf down.

egg curry recipe

Georgina Hayden’s Tomato & Egg Curry recipe. Photography: Natalé Towell.

For most, Easter seems like a distant memory, but for anyone of Orthodox faith it has only recently finished (I love it when they fall on different weekends, it feels like I get to celebrate twice).

It is my favourite of the religious or festive holidays; extra days off, insane amounts of food and chocolate, none of the pressure of Christmas. And the days after are wonderful too, mainly because of the mounds of leftovers, but also because of the egg salad my mum always makes on Easter Monday.

What’s the deal with the egg salad I hear you say? Well, Greeks play a game with dyed boiled eggs on Easter Sunday, smashing them against their opponents to see who ‘wins’ (and as you can imagine this results in a lot of leftover boiled eggs). Traditionally the eggs were dyed with red onion skins, which turns the water (and subsequently the egg shells) a beautiful deep, natural red colour. You can now buy sachets of dye, which are much more vibrant and require less effort, but I prefer to still do it the old fashioned way.

Leftover boiled eggs? My favourite ways to use them up

In a bid not to waste anything we’ve become clever at using up the leftover boiled eggs, and not relying on just egg mayo sarnies. We found ourselves craving something lighter, so my mum created a fresh, crunchy egg and beetroot salad. It is pure nostalgia for me, and even though she has taught me how to make it (it’s relatively simple), it never tastes as good as when she does it. So, instead, I have started my own tradition: making the boiled eggs into a fragrant, creamy curry (while still demanding that my mum makes me her salad obviously).

Photography: Georgina Hayden

Curry always wins in our house

I adore curry, and egg curry is a bit of a storecupboard staple in our house. When I started weaning Persephone I tweaked it to see how I could make one that she could (and would) eat too. Instead of shying away from spices, I’ve embraced them even more as I want her to acquire a taste for them from young.

If you are cautious or worried, they don’t need to be in huge amounts, but gentle blends of a few flavours can really enhance a meal, even for a little person. We use a lot of Rooted Spices blends in our house. Not just for ease (their Daal, House and Golden blends are all big hitters), but also because they are beautifully balanced and the flavours are sublime. The quality is so important, they are all single-origin spices, and you can really taste the difference. A little goes a long way. I’ve used ground turmeric and coriander, as well as cinnamon bark here, and finished with a hit of chilli at the end for the grown ups. 


I’ll often add chopped spinach or other veg to it”

The result? A naturally sweet curry that is full of flavour. It’s a great recipe to have up your sleeve, and versatile too. I’ll often add chopped spinach or other veg to it. Just remember though, like a puppy at Christmas, this egg curry isn’t just for Easter. It’s for life.

Find the full recipe for Georgina Hayden’s deliciously simple Tomato & Egg Curry here

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