Grab healthy, quick, flavour-packed meals with Farmdrop & SimplyCook

25th September 2015

As the daylight dwindles and cosy nights in beckon, how does a 20-minute Goan fish curry, chicken tagine, or Iranian vegetable stew sound? To make these delicious dreams come true, we’re pleased to announce a brand new partnership with pioneers of at-your-fingertips flavour, SimplyCook.

Founded by food obsessive Oli Ashness as a result of one too many frustration-filled, time-poor evenings trying to create incredible tasting dishes at home, SimplyCook deliver perfectly proportioned kits of flavour and hard-to-get ingredients with recipe cards. Oli and SimplyCook’s chef Anisa have created over 40 recipes inspired by all corners of the globe. Made from 100% natural ingredients, these recipes take just 20 minutes to prepare with your same day, from-the-farm local Farmdrop produce.

Today sees the launch of 8 SimplyCook recipes for you to explore on our website. If a dish takes your fancy, all you have to do is click once and voilà – you can add all the Farmdrop fresh ingredients you need with the flavour kit that tickles your taste buds to your basket.

To celebrate this joyous union of seasonal, super-fresh ingredients direct from our local producer’s farms and SimplyCook’s carefully crafted infused oils, rubs, garnishes, herb and spice mixes, we’d like to offer you a free flavour kit trial. Just add the code SIMPLY at the checkout of a basket that includes one flavour kit of choice, and you’ll receive the kit for free.*


Oli Ashness whipping up a spice blend

To give you a flavour (sorry), how do pork chops and cassoulet beans sound for a hearty, healthy mid-week dinner? Complete with chipotle rub, honey powder, smoked paprika, jalapeño, and chipotle chilli, Anisa’s dish brings a little South American heat to this traditional meal from the south of France.

So what are you waiting for? Our founder Ben and Oli hope to have made it even easier for you to create exciting, simple, yet restaurant-worthy dishes on nights in – when perhaps there’s nothing but a bottle, a loved one and maybe a movie marathon on the cards.

Farmdrop is working with SimplyCook to offer their flavour kits to enjoy with Farmdrop produce at £1.00 each on The recipes available to buy the ingredients for are: Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Tagine, BBQ Chicken Tandoori with Sweet Potato Mash, Goan Fish Curry, Moroccan Spiced Fish, Iranian Vegetable Stew, Cajun Chicken with Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Mash, and Pork Chop & Cassoulet Beans. Head to the Farmdrop recipes page for the full selection.

SimplyCook is a monthly flavour kit delivery service. Boxes cost £8.99, are available from and include 4 meals designed for 2 people.

*One use per customer, the cost of the SimplyCook flavour kit will be deducted from your basket. Offer ends midnight 23 October 2015.


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