Happy International Carrot Day

4th April 2016


A whole day dedicated to the seriously versatile, knobbly roots that we just can’t stop eating: raw with dip, slowly roasted, salt-baked, grated into coleslaw, cooked into cakes, squeezed into juices and crammed into burgers.


The fanatical farmers at Wild Country Organics and Purton House Organics pride themselves on their chemical-free farming, meaning the carrots they nurture are the best around. They are never pumped full of fertilizers and pesticides to make them grow unnaturally (and please do send us in a picture of your ‘wonky veg’ if you find some in your Farmdrop), so it is all about true natural flavour and amazing health benefits (antioxidants, vitamins: A, K, C, E, B6. Minerals: Calcium, Potassium, Zinc and Iron to name just a few!)

On top of their guilt-free growth, an average crop takes just 17 hours to travel from the farm to your home with Farmdrop compared to 106 hours of supermarkets.* The result? Your food should last a fortnight and is the freshest you can get.

Organic carrots are the triple threat of the root veg world: they taste great, smell fabulous and are packed with natural antioxidants so are as healthy as can be. So grab a bunch and let us know what you do to make their sweetness sing:


*According to the Institute of Grocery Distribution supply chain analysis


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