Happy National Butchers’ Week!

14th March 2016

Three cheers to wonderful local and independent butchers across the nation. We thought this was a prime (cut, sorry) of an opportunity for you to meet a two of the nimble-fingered folk that cut your lovingly-reared local meat at Farmdrop.


The display of mighty meats at Park Farm butchery shop!

Rally at Purton House Organics

Purton House Organics are all about ethical farming, sustainability and respect for nature – everything they do puts the environment and the animals first. Farmer Rally trained for 2 years before taking over the butchery at the farm. He’s a keen cook and loves turning cheaper, less popular cuts of meat into delicious dishes (using butcher’s wisdom). The real bosses at the farm are the chickens – we struggled to hear him over the squarks from the flock of hens in the background when we caught up with him on the phone.

‘What’s your favourite cut of meat?’

– If we’re talking beef then it’s skirt for its unbeatable flavour. But with pork it has to be the tenderloin or ‘pork fillet’.

‘What do you like to cook?’

– I love taking inspiration from Asian cuisine and using spices in my cooking. My favourite dish to rustle up uses the tail end of a rump in a stir fry. This cut can’t be used for steak so it’s a great way to use a lovely tasting bit of meat that would usually go to waste.

‘What’s the biggest myth about butchers?’

– That we are big, fat and ugly!



Farmer Rally at Purton House Organics in Wiltshire, pictured here with one of his pigs.


Henry at Park Farm

Park Farm take pride in the fact they offer genuine free range, grass fed, quality stock, with complete traceability for all their meat from herd or flock to the address of the farm. Henry at Park Farm has been in the butchery game for 5 years. He says that he really loves the fact that butchery is becoming more and more appealing to younger people – it’s not just an ‘old man’s game’ and it’s great when younger generations come in to keep the art of butchery new and exciting. We asked him…

‘What’s the biggest myth about butchery?’

– That all butchers are know how to cook! Sometimes people ask us best way to prepare their meat and thankfully I am on hand to give advice!

‘What’s your favourite cut?’

– Inch-thick ribeye steak, just as it is- there’s no need to overdo it with sauces or powerful seasonings as you want to celebrate the flavour of quality meat.

‘What do you like serve it with?’

– I love sweet potato thins with smoked paprika, seasonal asparagus and purple sprouting broccoli.


Henry gives us a masterclass in butchery at our 2015 Farmdrop Fete

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