You hate plastic. We hate plastic.

5th October 2018

We’ve had about a million questions over the last couple of weeks about plastic packaging so we thought we’d give you an update on what we’re doing about it.

Firstly, we’re sorry for falling short. Nobody is perfect and our packaging is far from it. You hate plastic, we hate plastic, and the planet hates plastic. Especially when we use it for items we only use once, like food.

That said we’ve done a lot to reduce the amount we use in totality. We’ve introduced reusable crates to avoid mountains of carrier bags, we’ve introduced a range of fresh fruit and veg in compostable bags, we’ve introduced milk in old school glass bottles, and we’ve even added a plastic-free search filter to the site.

And every week, we’re doing more research and testing on plastic-free alternatives. This week we’ve been testing out a compostable bag for sliced bread. It didn’t work, the bread didn’t stay fresh enough, so next week we’re testing a different one. It might work, and if it does we’ll start using it straight away.

Testing is important because we can’t take risks with quality. Customers hate plastic but not as much as they would hate paying for stale bread or wilted spinach. Frankly, our farmers wouldn’t be happy with us either, if all the effort they put into producing our food, ended up wasted and in the bin. Packaging does have a lot to answer for the longevity of some products.

So we have to be pragmatic. Farmdrop is a planet healthy business. We sell planet healthy foods from planet preserving farmers who work to different scales. Plastic packaging will be gone real soon, just not tomorrow. It’s a cheap drug and we all need to wean ourselves off it.

We’re testing alternatives for pretty much everything (bakery, fresh fruit and veg, meat and fish). We think we’ll get there quicker than most but we may have to stomach it for just a little longer.

Read more about what we’re doing to improve our packaging here

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