The HiPP Way To Wean

7th October 2019

With conflicting advice and the confusion that every baby is different, baby weaning can seem like a daunting task. That’s where HiPP comes in. HiPP is a family owned business in it’s fourth generation who produce the highest quality, organic recipes for happy, healthy and HiPP babies and young children. With over 60 years’ experience of feeding little ones good, nutritious, organic food they know exactly what we are doing and feel confident that we can make parents feel HiPP in knowing that they are giving their little ones the very best.

HiPP have helped wean babies for over 100 years and truly believe weaning should be a really positive experience for both you and your baby, so just follow these simple steps and have fun, as HiPP is here to help!

The HiPP way to wean:

Go with the natural flow

Remember that every baby is different, so take your time and go at their pace. Don’t worry about what others are doing, enjoy it together. Find a routine that works for you. There is no set advice on what time of day solids should be offered so choose a time when you know your baby is happiest and most likely to accept new tastes.

Go veg first

Babies naturally prefer sweeter tastes but it’s important to get them used to more savoury flavours so that they grow up to enjoy a variety of tastes. The earlier you introduce veg the better – babies will nearly always accept sweet tastes, so they aren’t necessary at this early stage.

Play with their food

To develop proper feeding habits babies need to see, smell and touch what they are eating so encourage your little one to get hands on. It’s best to serve food in a way that allows you baby to see and smell it.

Go organic

As proud organic pioneers, naturally we think dodging pesky pesticides is better for your baby, especially when their digestive systems are still developing. Our organic foods are nutritionally balanced and taste great too.

Use jars

We believe that there are many great benefits of using jars to feed your baby. Here are just a few examples:

  • Feeding from jars gets babies used to feeding from a spoon
  • Jars have lumpier textures from 7 months onwards. This encourages early chewing and helps aids babies jaw development
  • Jars are transparent which encourage babies to explore their food – they can see it, touch it and smell it which is essential to develop proper feeding habits. Plus it also means as a parent you can see how much food your baby is eating

HiPP jars in particular contain no artificial preservatives or additives, no added sugar and use 100% organic ingredients so you can feel confident knowing your baby is getting great organic food.

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