How our seasonal offers work a little differently

10th July 2015

It’s summertime and right now the weather in Britain is easy. Earlier this month saw the hottest July day to date, and with record breaking heat and plenty of sunshine comes a glut of seasonal produce for you to enjoy – just like how growing used to be.

The good weather has meant that there is more farm fresh fruit and veg available to harvest at once. Knowing how massively important the weather is to the success of a crop – and therefore to the pricing of food when there’s more of it – our farmers who are in this bounteous position have been kind enough to reduce their prices for items they have a lot of.

Farmdrop is in a unique position – because we work so closely with our producers to provide you with genuinely fresh, seasonal produce direct from farm to fork, we can share the benefit with you financially. So when the weather is good and there’s a bumper crop as a result, we can spread the benefit to you whilst being fair to the people who make your food.

Supermarkets make offers on what they deem to be popular and really put pressure on suppliers to provide generous deals, regardless of the weather and the other myriad factors that may influence their harvest. These offers are usually planned months, if not years, in advance and will often encourage us to buy twice as much fresh produce as we actually need – how can you resist, when it’s £1.80 for 1 but £2 for 2?! These deals result in huge waste, as it’s often on fresh produce which isn’t easy to store or freeze.

Here is what we have on offer at the moment!

Rump Steak
1 steak, minimum 250g was £5.54, now £4.99

Was £3.15 for 125g, now £2.15

Organic Green Courgettes
Was £1.60 for 500g, now £1.18

Organic Yellow Courgettes
Was £1.90 for 500g, now £1.33

Organic Tiger Courgettes
Was £1.90 for 500g, now £1.61

Organic Dasher Tomatoes
Was £3.04 for 500g, now £2.83

Organic Douglas Tomatoes
Was £2.11 for 500g, now £1.90

Organic Broad Beans
Was £1.58 for 500g, now £1.45

Whole cooked lobster
Was £12.00, now £9.99

Chicken Drumsticks
1 pack of 4 for £3.45 or £5.00 for 2 packs of 4

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