How the hub works

22nd January 2015

The Farmdrop hub is a hive of activity on a Wednesday and Friday.

The day starts under the cover of darkness with our first producers arriving as early as 4am. Ivy House Farm with the milk and butter are usually first, Chegworth Valley (fruit and veg), La Tua (pasta) and The Flour Station (bread) closely follow, with all produce delivered and checked into the hub, from over 30 different producers, by 9am. Total food miles covered, approximately 300. That’s 10 miles a producer!

At 9am the real work starts, with our team busily sorting all the different produce into individual customer orders (the bread is still warm out of the oven!), with refrigerated items being placed into specially designed cool bags to keep items chilled for up to 12 hours, so your meat and fish is in perfect condition when it arrives in your kitchen.

At around midday it’s time to think about getting this food out to you.. We fill our electric vans (no carbon there…) and everything is in position for delivery to your door or for you to pick up on your way home in time for dinner.

By 4pm the day’s orders are off on their last journey. The previously bustling hub is now a picture of calm – uncharacteristically empty –  until the next delivery day, at 4am, when the milk arrives and we start all over again.

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