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From Calippo to Mini Milks: ice lolly recipes for kids (and adults too)

11th August 2018

The summer holidays are in full swing and the ice cream van won’t stop chiming its tune. Distract the kids from over-sugared treats, and show them how to make ice lollies at home with these kid-friendly ice lolly recipes. We’ve taken the best nostalgic ices and turned them into healthier versions, from creamy Mini Milk to fruity Calippo to swirly Twister. More whole fruits, quality dairy and less E-numbers all round. A proper family-friendly treat. 

Mini milks

mini milks

Photo: Natalé Towell

This mini milk ice lolly recipe is a creamy classic. Our version combines whole milk and natural yoghurt for the base, and fresh fruit for flavour. A frozen smoothie that’s just as great for breakfast as it is for an afternoon cool-down. Get the kids measuring and adding the ingredients to your blender or food processor, and pouring it all into moulds. Super easy. The kids will love it. 

For strawberry mini milk, blend a punnet of strawberries with 100ml natural yoghurt and 100ml whole milk. Pour into ice lolly moulds and freeze until solid.

For chocolate-banana mini milk, blend 2 bananas with 60g melted dark chocolate, 100ml natural yoghurt and 100ml whole milk. Pour into moulds and freeze until solid.



Photo: Natalé Towell

Hands-down the easiest, freshest ice lolly to cool down with. These calippo-inspired ices have a sharp orange flavour, perfect for a hot summer’s day. Get the kids squeezing the oranges and stirring it into the syrup mixture. The older kids can zest the orange, but be careful as the syrup can get super hot.

Simmer the zest of 1 orange with 75g sugar and 4 tablespoons water to make a syrup. Allow to cool, then squeeze in the juice of 7 oranges and give it a stir. Pour into your ice lolly moulds, freeze and enjoy.


twister ice lolly

Photo: Natalé Towell

Okay, these don’t look like your classic Twister, but they do have all the pineapple-lime-strawberry flavours that make the classic so good. There are two parts to this lolly – the pineapple ice cream and the strawberry-lime ice lolly. Freeze the ice lolly mixture first while you make the ice cream, then layer it on top and freeze for an impressive double-layered twist. Get the kids pouring the strawberry ice lolly mixture into the moulds, and blitzing and mixing the ice cream. Even if you don’t have an ice cream machine, it’s super-fun to get the kids making their own DIY favourite treat.

For the strawberry-lime lolly, blend 250g strawberries with the juice of 1 lime. Heat 50g caster sugar and 60ml water over a gentle heat to make a syrup, then it stir into the strawberries. Fill your ice lolly moulds halfway and pop in the freezer. Meanwhile, make the ice cream.

For the pineapple ice cream, blitz 350g pineapple and 50g caster sugar in a food processor. If using an ice cream machine, churn the mixture for 30 minutes, then whisk in 30ml double cream and churn until thick and frozen. If you don’t have a machine, no problem. Place the pineapple-sugar mixture into a freezer-proof container and freeze for 30 minutes. Whisk in 30ml double cream, then return to the freezer. Use a fork to mix it every 30 minutes for 3 hours.

To assemble, press the ice cream into the moulds on top of the frozen strawberry-lime ice lolly. Return to the freezer for an hour, and you’re ready to go!

You can buy decently priced ice lolly moulds online. To remove your ice lollies, submerge the moulds in hot water for 20 seconds to loosen first.

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