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How to make icing sugar at home (it’s really easy)

26th March 2018

Did you know that icing sugar is actually just ground sugar? And you can make it yourself very simply in a matter of seconds at home? Food writer Malou Herkes shows you how.

How to make icing sugar at home (it's really easy)

Never run out of icing sugar at home again. Photo: Natale Towell.

Icing sugar, or powdered sugar or confectioner’s sugar as it’s sometimes called, is the super-fine stuff we use to sweeten icings or to make cakes look pretty. It is essentially ground granulated sugar, mixed with a bit of cornflour to keep it from clumping. There’s really no reason you can’t make it yourself at home. So next time you’re caught short in the middle of a bake-athon, don’t waste time rushing to the shops. Follow this guide.

Which sugar do I use to make icing sugar?

You can use either granulated or caster sugar. The coarser the sugar you use, the more evenly your icing sugar will blend. It makes sense, then, to use granulated if you have it, but caster also does a pretty good job. Go with whatever you’ve got in the cupboard.

Are there any other ingredients I need?

Per 500g of sugar, you’ll need about 2 tablespoons of cornflour. This will help to keep your sugar from clumping, but if you’re blitzing a small amount to use immediately, it’s not necessary.

And equipment?

You’ll also need a small, powerful blender, like a spice grinder or a Nutribullet. If you have neither, a larger blender will work fine, but might not blitz your sugar as finely as you’d like.  

Here’s how to make icing sugar at home:

Step 1

Place your granulated or caster sugar and cornflour (if using) in a blender.

Step 2

Blitz until fine. This might take a good few minutes so be patient. Run your fingers through it; if it’s still a bit gritty, keep going.

Step 3

Store in an airtight jar or use straightaway.

And that’s it! A great tip for when breakfast pancakes call for that final-touch dusting of icing sugar or when you just need a little bit and can’t face a trip to the shops.

How do you use yours? I’d love to hear your homemade icing sugar escapades in the comments below!

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