How we do it: A better deal for producers

30th January 2015

When we pause for a moment to think why we are so passionate about Farmdrop, it comes back to the very reason why Ben, one of the founders, wanted to get this thing going. It’s all about a better deal for growers, makers and bakers, which allows them to pursue more sustainable production methods.

Farmdrop producers get 70-75% of the takings, a big improvement on most retailers, which can be as low as 25%, sometimes far lower. A statistic that is hard to get nailed down – and is complex – is the amount of the shelf price of a product that actually goes to the farmers. We have seen research that has estimated the average figure as between 7% and 11%. Pretty shocking!

We think it’s nice to know more of your money is going to the right people…the ones that do all the hard work.

Farmdrop producers, big and small, are able to set their own prices and be in complete control, and we guide them with our overall vision for our shop. You’ll find their prices are competitive due to the efficiency of the model, which still provides them with a higher margin. This in turn makes it a better deal for everyone.

What about that other 20-30%? It goes to Farmdrop so we are able to manage, support and develop this ever growing online market, and bring fresh local produce directly to your kitchen or to a pick up point near you.

We’ll bring you more on this in the future, and please drop us a line if you have any questions.

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