How we do it: Hungry Gap

19th March 2015

Eating seasonally has its highs and lows. Nothing rivals eating fresh local produce in season. This time of the year though we are entering the Hungry Gap – the lull before the excitements of spring and summer. With our British climate there is a period in spring when the days get longer and warmer but there is little produce available. There is hardly any evidence of the Hungry Gap on the supermarket shelves, as they will turn further afield, often air freighting produce across the world to ensure the shelves are full. Airfreighting food is a complex issue, but one thing that is certain, we prefer food that has travelled as little as possible.

The Hungry Gap starts when some brassica vegetables such as brussels sprouts, winter cauliflowers and cabbages ‘bolt’ ie start to flower, and ends when the new season of broad beans are ready. It can typically last from around March to May. However, no rest for the Farmdrop producers! It’s a busy time of year preparing for the seasons ahead. Already the fields have been prepared with compost and manure, some spuds are in the ground and others chitting, the tomato plants are looking great, and onion sets will be planted in the next couple of weeks.

So what does taste amazing at the moment? Chard, spinach and tuscan kale (cavolo nero) are at the top of our list.

Roll on May!

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