How we do it: Meat cuts

5th March 2015

Knowing where meat comes from helps you prepare, cook and serve it, and may even tempt you to try something new. At Farmdrop we work with some fantastic farmers who care passionately about the quality of meat they produce and the environment surrounding them. Our growing range of tasty high welfare and organic meat includes a range of cuts, joints, mince and ready prepared sausages, ham, bacon and burgers.

Here are just some of the ways Farmdrop sells its fresh meat and what they are good for:

  • Boneless cuts of beef, pork and lamb, best for quick and easy cooking methods like grilling.
  • Boned and rolled joints of meat, quick to cook and very easy to carve.
  • Lean and extra lean cuts, lower in fat due to being trimmed.
  • Cubes of meat for stews, kebabs and casseroles.
  • Thin strips of meat, perfectly prepared for stir-frying.

The front forequarter has more muscle per cut, this area of the animal has worked harder and provides less tender meat. Even less tender are the neck and shoulder cuts. These are perfect for stews, casseroles and tagines, as they need slower and longer cooking times.

The back hindquarters have fewer muscles per cut of meat, doing far less work than the front. The loin and rump muscles have done even less work and are prime tender cuts. These tender cuts are perfect for grilling and stir-frying.

Have you tried…?

Skirt: £4.80 400g Beatbush Farm – A cut from the plate, prized for its flavour rather than tenderness. Beautiful in stews, not browning off before adding to the pot gives a sweeter, cleaner taste.

Shin: £4.25 500g Purton House Organics – Taken from the lower leg of the steer. A slow ‘cooker’, full of flavour, great with root veg.

Silverside: £11.50 1kg Beatbush Farm –  From the hindquarter just above the leg. It gets its name because of the “silverwall” on the side of the cut. Cooks beautifully in a slow cooker, add some veg, herbs, once ready it’s tender and easily falls apart

Chuck roast: £21.90 1 ½ kg Park Farm – From the shoulder and a more economical cut, full of flavour perfect for big home cooked meals. Slow cook for tender, pull-apart, juicy meat.

Brisket: £10.50 1kg Park Farm – the cut which runs from the bottom of the neck down under the ribs, great for casseroles and pot-roasts.

Feather steak: £9 500g Purton House Organic – taken from the shoulder and has a generous marbling of fat which gives it a superb flavour and best suited to very quick cooking.

Ox tongue: £7.95 1 piece Park Farm – similar taste to brisket and very nutrient dense. Generally boiled, then you can slice and dice, pop in your slow cooker with veggies and herbs, delicious and melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Neck chops:  £4.95 500g Beatbush Farm – The meat in the neck has a strong flavour and lean texture. Ideal for stewing or slow-cooking until soft and tender.

Neck fillet:  £3.95 500g Park Farm – This cut is very lean with a deep, strong flavour. Ideal for stewing until tender.

Lamb breast: £3.50 700g Beatbush Farm – A seriously tasty cut. Contains part of the fattier lamb belly, which produces a deliciously crispy layer when roasted.

Lambs heart:  £1.75 300g Park Farm – Are you brave enough? Stuff with garlic and herbs then braise. The heart is lean and tender when cooked quickly.

Pigs cheeks: £5.40 for 2 – Pig cheeks need slow cooking in a deep liquids until they are soft enough to require no knife when eating. Braise for a few minutes until golden then place in the oven with stock and veg for two or three hours.

Bon appetit!

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